Perast-Most important information

This small but extremely picturesque settlement is located in Boka, and it is 14 km from Kotor. It offers its visitors a quiet and intimate vacation, but rich and colorful architecture. In addition, it is adorned with natural beauties. In its vicinity is the famous artificial island, Gospa od Skrpjela.

History of Perast
The name of the city testifies to the presence of the Illyrians in the area of ​​Perast. Namely, it is believed that the name Perast comes from the name of the Illyrian tribe Pirusti. For three centuries, Perast was under the rule of the Republic of Venice, today's Venice, and this is evidenced by the Italian words and expressions that can still be heard in this city. It was the first city in the Balkans to have a maritime school where sailors were trained, and it was the only city in Boka that had duty-free trade with Venice, which is why it developed at a high speed. The 18th century is considered the golden age of Perast, when 20 magnificent baroque palaces, 17 Catholic and 2 Orthodox churches were built.

What to see in Perast?
In the small town, whose plan is simple and where one long street leads you to several parts, complete your stay by visiting the following places:
  • Bajeva plaza - all visitors to this beach can experience swimming in crystal clear water. The beach is pebbly, 60 meters long and surrounded by laurel.
  • Pjaca Square - it houses the church of St. Nikola, built between the 15th and 17th centuries. The bell tower is 55 meters high.
  • Matinovic Palace - in terms of age, one of the older palaces in Perast, stylistically belongs to the Baroque.
  • Bujovic Palace - if you are coming from the direction of Risan, at the very entrance to Perast you will find one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in Boka. Today, it houses the Native Museum in Perast.
How to get to Perast?
You can get from Kotor to Perast in several ways, by bus, taxi or car.
  • Bus - on the next page you can see the detailed timetable of the transporter that operates from Kotor and from the surrounding villages to Kotor-bus station.
  • Taxi services - Red Taxi-19719, Djir Taxi-19737, Vip Taxi-19757, Euro Taxi -19708.
  • By car - if you have decided to travel by car, you can get from Kotor to Perast in 16 minutes. Follow the main roads E-65 and E-80. The settlements you will pass are Dobrota, Ljuta, Donji Orahovac and Drazin Vrt.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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