8 Reasons to Travel to Slovenia

Slovenia is a country that possesses so many beauties. Beauties that are very difficult to convey in words. We can only try to describe the beauty of this stunning place, but going to Slovenia and seeing all those attractions is something completely different. This is a land of greenery, beautiful forests, magnificent waterfalls, wonderful people and a land of stunning horses. Many beauties and miracles await you in Slovenia, so start your adventure as soon as possible. Let's explore Slovenia together.

Slovenia National park
National park in Slovenia

We believe that it will be a special experience, so pack your bags and embark on a real adventure of exploring this wonderful country as soon as possible. Slovenia might be a small country, but it sure has a lot to offer, rich history and tradition, as well as stunning landscapes and so much more. Slovenia is a place that has a huge tourist potential, so we believe that your vacation in Slovenia will be an unforgettable experience. Let's explore this woderfull country together:

Lake Bled 

Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Of course, the first on the list of popular attractions is the famous and magnificent Lake Bled. Lake Bled is one of the main attractions of this country and it definitely helps the development of tourism in Slovenia. Slovenia tourism simply flourishes because of the immense beauty of this gorgeous lake. Lake Bled looks like something drawn on a postcard.

Why visit Lake Bled

There are many reasons why you should visit Lake Bled. Our recommendation is to visit this beautiful lake primarily because of its great and unique beauty. Walking and exploring all the beauty will probably last less than two hours, but it's definitely worth it because the whole Island is stunning. Also you can tie your boat and go exploring the Bled Island.The lake looks like something that came straight out of a fairytale. The color of Bled is turquoise, and the surface of the lake is glassy.

Lake Bled
lake in Slovenia

Also, there are really a lot of great things to do while being there. We have selected the best suggestions for you :

  • Rent a boat and set out to explore the charms of the lake - this will allow you to see all the gems of this beautiful lake and if you sit back and enjoy the ride you will also be treated with mesmerizing views. It costs €20 to rent a rowboat.
  • Book a larger boat that will give you an excellent tour about the whole Bled -this is also slightly cheaper than renting a private boat. Expect to pay about €12 for one person.
  • Go exploring the Island- the Bled island is really not that big, so you can see the whole place  quite fast. Also Bled has some really good spots for swimming and the water is amazing.
  • Visit the Castle - this medieval castle has adorned the wooded cliffs of Bled for more than 1000 years and is one of the most recognizable symbols of the island. Be sure to schedule a tour of the entire castle and try quality wines from the wine cellar of the castle.

What to do on the Bled Lake

Bled castle
Castle on Bled Lake

Here are some more interesting suggestions and tourist attractions that you must try during your vacation in Bled:

  • Try out paddle boarding -  You can paddle around Bled and enjoy the coastline
  • Slide down the Lake Bled toboggan - Straza Bled toboggan track is open from early spring to late fall and it's a great spot to go and have a lot of fun. While sliding down the toboggan you will be able to enjoy the gorgeous views
  • Go hiking - If you want to see the best landscapes that will leave you breathless then just go to Mala Osojnica, the best place that will offer you stunning and majestic view of the entire Lake.

Hotels near Lake Bled

Considering that this lake is very popular and that many tourists around the world come to visit Bled all year round, then it is no wonder that Bled has excellent accommodation for all generations. Prices vary depending on the equipment and luxury you want, but it is very easy to find something that suits everyone's taste and pocket. Here are the best hotels and prices near lake:

  • Vila Lipa - This beautiful house is located only 200 metres from Bled Lake and the prices are quite good and affordable. Standard room with 2 twin beds will cost you £64.
  • Hotel Ribno- A 3 star hotel with great service and comfortable rooms. The hotel is very unique looking and charming. A room with 2 twin beds and 1 double bed will cost you £102 and you will also have free breakfast every day.
  • Hotel Vila Bled - Vila Bled owns 4 stars and it's one of the best hotels near Lake Bled. The view from the rooms is simply exquisite and the service is impeccable. The cost of a standard room is £179.

Location of the Bled Lake

Lake Bohinj

Another gorgeous and beautiful lake located in Slovenia. Lake Bohinj is a perfect spot for your ideal summer vacation. Sometimes it can even be better than a vacation on the sea. This popular lake also has an iconic view and that view contains the stunning stone bridge with an old, authentic church of St. John the Baptist.

Things to do in Bohinj 

Lake Bohinj
Bohinj Lake

This lake is an excellent choice for all those who love active vacation and who love to spend time in untamed nature. It is also a great place to try out many interesting water sports. During the spring and summer, the weather is absolutely wonderful so you can spend the entire vacation outside.

  • Rent a paddle board-  This will be an incredibly fun experience for everybody. Plus that is really a great way to explore all the beauty of this gorgeous lake.
  • Go kayaking or canoeing - Another great sport that is a perfect choice for all the adventure and travel lovers out there. We are certain that you will be mesmerized by the unique beauty of this lake.
  • Go swimming in the beautiful and clear water -The water of thi lake is very clean, almost see through and great for swimming and enjoying its pleasant waves and climate.
  • Explore Mostnica Gorge- To reach this incredibly beautiful place that looks like a real paradise it will take almost 4 hours of hiking, but trust us, it is very much worth it. It's a great place for families who often go to this amazing place and hang out on the water's edge.
  • Try out the Cable car - You can take the cable car and enjoy the terrific landscapes from it. This will be one of the most amazing things you will experience while vacationing on this lake. You can enjoy the view and then ride it back down to the upper cable car station. A round trip ticket costs €24.

Accommodation near Lake Bohinj

Bohinj lake
Lake Bohinj

In order for your vacation to be complete, you need to have excellent accommodation that will be close to this beautiful lake. Lake Bohinj can be an ideal place for a real family vacation and that is why we have selected for you the best rated apartments that are perfect for families with children.

  • Hotel Jezero -This 4 star hotel has it all. Hotel Jezero is located next to Lake Bohinj. There, guests can fill their lungs with  mountain air and admire the beautiful sunsets and landscapes over the mountains. Wellness center, restaurant, and free WiFi are also available for all guests. The price goes from € 120 to € 196, depending on what you want from service and the rooms.
  • Eco Hotel Bohinj - Another great hotel that can be an excellent choice for the entire family. This hotel is quite exquisite and luxurious and you will have the best service ever there. It's very comfortable and well decorated and the beautiful National park is very close. Lake Bohinj is only 6 km away. Suite Executive costs € 491, but you can get more affordable rooms as well, that cost € 159.
  • Hotel Center Bohinjsko Jezero - 3 star hotel is perfect for families and it has really good prices for everyone. It also has lovely restaurants and a beautiful yard. The location is great and the lake is only 100 meters away. The hotel is a great base for exploring the surroundings, mountain biking and hiking. The price is € 120.

Location of the Bohinj Lake

Postojna Cave

Another great reason to visit Slovenia is definitely this mysterious and interesting cave. caves have always been very interesting places that are fun to explore. In them you can find many unusual cave decorations, stalactites and stalagmites that are thousands and thousands of years old. This cave is one of the most famous ones in the whole world and its so frequently visited that it has its own underground park.

Attractions of Postojna Cave

Inside the cave
Postojna Cave

There are many wonders to explore in Postojna cave, so it is no wonder that this cave is a world-class attraction. It is definitely an unavoidable place for all tourists who come to Slovenia. Postojna Cave is one of the largest caves in the world and Predjama Castle is located very close to Postojna Cave. Together they create one of the best tourist attractions in the entire country. Here is what to do and see while exploring this cave:

  • Take a train to the incredible underground world - This cave is quite fascinating because it has a real railway that was created more than 100 years ago. This magical train will take you to a fantastic journey. You will be able to see corridors, halls and galleries.
  • See the baby dragons - Many great legends can be heard of, but perhaps, the most interesting one is that a real dragon lived inside this cave and that strange looking fish that are shaped like a real dragon are dragons offsprings.
  • Explore the biologically diverse cave world - This cave is a home to more than 150 different animal species and you can learn all about them in one of the cave corridors that features a vivarium.
  • Visit the Predjama Castle - This cave has many secret and hidden entrances and one of them iz Predjama Castle, which is the largest cave castle in the whole world. It is connected to Postojna cave with many underground tunnels. You can get combined tickets with entrance to the Postojna cave and this magnificent castle.
Prejama castle
Predjama Castle

Location of Postojna Cave

This popular cave can be found in southwestern Slovenia and its 4,340 m long karst cave system. The Postojna Cave Park is located near the town of Postojna. You can access it by any transport. You can reach the Postojna Cave Park via the A1 motorway from Ljubljana. This cave is located only 46km from Ljubljana. Also, trains run every hour from Ljubljana train station in Postojna. The driving distance to Postojna Cave is 60 km from Koper, so that means that it takes about 38 min to reach your destination.


Horses are incredibly smart, noble and majestic animals, but seeing a Lipizzan horse is something that will truly leave you stunned and breathless. This stunning horse was born and created in Slovenia. When you decide to come to Slovenia you simply must see this gorgeous horse. The Lipizzan horse is one of the most beautiful symbols of Slovenia. When you come to Lipnica, after admiring nature, our advice for you is to go and book a ride in a traditional carriage or just go riding.

Explore the oldest stud farm

Stud farm in Lipnica
Stud farm

People in Slovenia are incredibly proud of their Lipizzan horses and the farm that is over 400 years old. This stud farm has a long tradition and enormous cultural as well as historical importance. You can easily book a great tour of this wonderful farm and explore all its wonders. The estate is quite big so there are a lot of great things to see and explore. Coming there is another great reason to visit Slovenia, especially to all the animal and nature lovers. Green areas, beautiful landscapes, plants and magnificent horses that you can ride yourself, are just part of the rich offer of this traditional horse farm. Here is all you can do in Lipica:

  • See all the classic Lipizzaner lines
  • Visit the  carriage museum
  • Go walking through parks
  •  Learn about rich cultural heritage of Lipia

The Soča River Valley

River in Slovenia
River Valley

This breathtakingly beautiful river springs in the northwest of Slovenia and it has an unusual green color that comes from very small particles of bedrock. When the light hits the river those small particles reflect so that the water color seems to be deep green or blue.

The water is so pure and clean that it is almost see through and it comes from an underground lake at the end of the gorge.It is an incredibly beautiful and mesmerizing thing to see, so this stunning river must be another great reason to come to this wonderful country as fast as possible. Because of its distinctive and special turquoise color, this river is called the emerald beauty.

What to see in Soča River Valley

Waterfall in Slovenia
Waterfall in the River Valley

There are several wonderful places that all tourists are especially looking forward to seeing and visiting. During your stay in Slovenia you will have the impression that you are in a fairytale country full of fantastic scenes.

  • Visit Bovec - Bovec is the centre of the Upper Soča Valley and it's a perfect place for  kayaking, rafting, canyoning and skiing. We would gladly recommend Bovec to anyone who loves sport and active vacation. Nature will leave you speechless.
  • Go to Boka Waterfall - This magnificent waterfall is a real treat for all tourists. It is located in an unrealistically beautiful and natural environment where you will enjoy the fresh air and beautiful surroundings. Be sure to experience a rebirth right there. It is located close to Bovec.
  • The Source of the Soča River -Of course, the central place that you must visit is the source of the turquoise green river, the birthplace of this stunning and unique river. This glorious river also creates a 10-meter waterfall as well as some minor waterfalls.

Metelkova Place

This place represents something very unique and completely different. We are almost certain that you would not expect something like that in Slovenia, but that is another reason why you should visit this country. Once upon a time Metelkova Place was simply a row of barracks and the worst part of the city,but today, it became one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia.

What is so special about Metelkova Place

Metelkova Place is unique and special because it has become an alternative culture centre that brings together many different artists and artistic styles. Combine all that together and you will get something quite extraodianry. The combination of vibrant colors, different styles, ornaments and texture creates unbelievable surroundings that are like none other. When you visit this colorful and outstanding place you will feel like you have been transported into a completely different universe.

History of Metelkova Place

Metelkova Place

The history of this cultural centre goes back to 1994 when the brave group of 200 volunteers(many of them were underground artists and esteemed intellectuals)gathered and decided to create something new, exciting and different, something that never existed before in Ljubljana.They transformed this part of the city and that's how they stopped this complex from being destroyed and pulled down. Today Metelkova Place is:

  • a symbol of freedom
  • free and untamed spirit
  • a symbol of change
  • vibrant art
  • precious and valuable artist

Triglav National park

National Park
Triglav National park

National parks are often the most beautiful thing any country has to offer. These are places of greenery, meadows, rare plants and animal species, places of immense beauty, fresh air and pleasant climate, places that always enchant you again and again with their natural beauty and riches. Such a place is the Triglav National Park, a symbol of Slovenian tradition, culture and immense beauty. Every tourist who visited Trigav was mesmerized with the emerald forests, large pastures, beautiful lookouts and rare plants.

Triglav national park hiking

Triglav National park

Triglav is the only national park in the entire Slovenia, so that is why its nature and wildlife are extremely important and valuable. The surroundings of this national park are perfect for climbing and hiking. So, you should get the best pair of hike shoes and enroll into an amazing hiking adventure.

Hiking will allow you to truly experience all the immense beauty of Triglav and of its precious, vulnerable nature. The trails are all very nicely arranged, passable and clearly marked. Here are some interesting and important facts about everything you might encounter while hiking in Triglav:

National park Triglav
Triglav National park
  • Triglav has more than 7.000 animal species
  • This national park is home to white-throated dipper, be prepared to see it while hiking
  • Rare alpine marmot is another valuable animal that lives in Triglav
  • Flora of the Triglav National Park is incredibly diverse
  • These are the flower you will see while hiking: alpine toadflax, the edelweiss,Triglav hawksbeard,Triglav rose
  • The park also has a lot of ecosystems
  • Be sure to explore all streams and rivers
  • Visit the gorges carved by the beautiful Tolminka River

Location of the Triglav National Park

Ljubljana City

The Capital of Slovenia is, of course, another very good reason to come to this country. Our list of all the reasons why you should visit Slovenia wouldn't be complete without this gorgeous and very special city. Although Ljubljana is one of the smallest european cities it still has a lot to offer and living there seems to be pretty incredible and good. Ljubljana is also great city for families with kids, so if you want to have the best family vacation visit Ljubljana as soon as possible.

Ljubljana Slovenia
Ljubljana - the capital of Slovenia

This city has it all. It is well decorated, full of parks, greenery, museums, cultural institutions and amazing sights. Another advantage is that there is not much traffic and cars. Most people ride a bike or just walk, so don't expect big crowds and waiting in traffic. If you want peace and quiet and rest then this gorgeus and beautifully landscaped park is the right place for you. Another advantage is that the prices are affordable and you can even sometimes get a discount. Ljubljana also has a gorgeous medieval castle and you can book a tour of the castle whenever you want

What to see in Ljubljana


Well, for starters there are a lot of great things to see in Ljubljana. It's a dream place for any tourist. Ljubljana is an incredibly lovely city filled with beautiful things to explore nas visit. Ljubljana is very colorful and full of life, it's literally the perfect city for creating some amazing and memorable photographs. So, here is our list of all the amazing things you should see and do in Ljubljana:

  • Take a long walk down the city center - This will be a perfect chance to admire all the colorful and spectacular fasades and buildings and don't forget to stop and enjoy some delicious meal in one of the many cafe restaurants in the city centre
  • Explore all those gorgeous bridges - Ljubljana has a lot of amazing bridges with stunning architecture styles. The view from them is something pretty spectacular and fascinating, you will be thrilled.
  • Visit Ljubljana Castle - If you show up in the opening hours you will have no problem getting tickets. The price of tickets is €10 adults and €7 children 
  • Go to Tivoli Park - This place is perfect for relaxation and pickink in nature. Tivoli park is the largest green space filled with beautiful trees, flowers and statues.
  • Visit Ljubljana Museums - Ljubljana is a city that highly values ​​and nurtures its cultural life. That is why Ljubljana is full of interesting and significant museums whose permanent exhibitions are quite impressive. 

Ljubljana Hotels

Slovenia is a country with excellent accommodation facilities. Many hotels villas and apartments are available for you during the entire year. The service is excellent and many hotels are near museums and famous restaurants.

  • City Hotel Ljubljana - Great and pretty affordable hotel that is excellent for families with kids. It has 3 stars, but the service is impeccable and the rooms are comfortable and clean. The price for a double or twin room is £80.
  • Central Hotel Superior - Another great and popular hotel that owns 3 stars. It is decorated very modern and it's very close to a lot of popular tourist attractions. The price for a comfy double room is £68
  • Hotel Lev - As luxurious as it gets, hotel Lev will leave you completely happy and satisfied. This gorgeous 4 star hotel has an excellent review and will give only the best service. It's only a 10 minutes walk from the National Gallery of Slovenia and Ljubljana Opera House. The price for the classic room with 2 twin beds and 1 double bed is £90.
Bridge in Ljubljana

We hope you enjoyed reading our blog about the wonderful places you must visit during your vacation in Slovenia. Of course, it is one thing to read about them, and something completely different is when you see all those beauties and sights live.Our warm advice for you is to pack your bags as soon as possible and head to this wonderful country that is full of beauty and hospitable people. If you are thinking about ideal summer destinations, you should definitely read the blog called 5 reasons to visit Greece.