Vodopad Jelovarnik

Brzeće, Kopaonik

Waterfall Jelovarnik - the most important information

If you are for a real adventure and refreshment, go for a walk through the forests of Kopaonik and visit one of the highest waterfalls in Serbia - Jelovarnik. In the same-named area, Jelovarnik has long been known only to the local population. But now, it is one of the protected nature reserves.

The origin of the waterfall Jelovarnik
The river Jelovarnik at its origin appears as a very small river that emerges from seven small springs. That is why this source is called the (Sedam suza) Seven Tears. At the place where the river shapes the Jelovarnik waterfall, the howling water falls from a great height, creating a breathtaking sight. The powerful and boisterous water of Jelovarnik further falls in three cascades and flows through almost indifferent nature. This scene alone, however, leaves no one unimpressed.

The waterfall itself is located at an altitude of 1,116 meters in a dense mixed forest, so reaching it can be a real challenge. However, if you decide to take the demanding paths, you will not regret it because you will see many other nameless beauties on the way to this waterfall.

The most beautiful places by the waterfall
Near waterfall cascades you can relax, refresh yourself on the clear mountain river, breathe the forest air and take photos. The whole way to this Kopaonik waterfall is an adventure full of colorful details, after which you will surely want to get „lost“ here a few more times. Many who visit Jelovarnik wish to spend at least another moment here, in its hidden mountain cradle.
What to see
On the way to Jelovarnik, you can see another important monument - a police station from the Second World War. In addition, you will pass through beautiful, tame mountain villages that peacefully rest here.

How to get to the waterfall Jelovarnik
For those who can endure a long journey, it is best to go on foot. You will probably stop, full of impressions, on the macadam road that leads you past the trimmed and untouched natural beauties.
  • On foot: Walking tours are organized from the flat Kopaonik and lead visitors through the inns and resorts - Konaci - Pajino Preslo - Krcmar - Bedjirevac - Jelovarnik. The last few kilometers lead through the canyon, over a network of wooden bridges and steps.
  • Road: Walking the trail in the canyon is not too demanding and usually takes 5 minutes. So, even children can on a walking tour to the waterfall.
  • By car: If you still decide to go by car, the tour starts from the direction of Brzece. This 4-kilometer road will slowly lead you to a deep canyon. From there you have to continue on foot to the waterfall itself.
Additional information
The menu is often frozen in winter, but that does not prevent the most persistent from climbing up to it. In these conditions, when the trails are covered with snow, walking through the canyon takes about 20 minutes. However, those who endure this journey can witness a completely unique sight of a lonely waterfall chained by ice.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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