Pančićev Mauzolej

Pančićev vrh, Kopaonik

The mausoleum Pancic- the most important information

If you happen to be near Kopaonik, take the time to climb all the way to the top of this mountain. At the altitude of 2017 meters, there rests the name of Josif Pancic, our famous botanist and doctor, a man whom Kopaonik still remembers.

History of mausoleum
Pancic's mausoleum itself was built of Kopaonik granite and continues to withstand natural and social difficulties. In the course of Serbian history, it was bombed by NATO forces and suffered a lot of damage. However, immediately after the end of the aggression, the JP National Park Kopaonik reconstructed the mausoleum with the same stone from which it was originally built. 

About Josif Pancic
Josif Pancic was born on April 5, 1814, in Bribir. He finished elementary school in Gosipic, high school in Rijeka, and then went to Budapest to study medicine. However, Serbia remembers him the most as a botanist and traveler who tirelessly examines the flora and fauna of the entire Balkan peninsula.

Descriptions from his travels have paved the way for many new disciplines. His most famous discovery is the endemic of the Balkan Peninsula, a species of spruce named after him - Panciceva omorika. In addition, his love for the homeland deeply connected the culture of the Serbian people with the culture of nature that surrounds them.

Nevertheless, the place to which Pancic returned over and over was Kopaonik. He visited this mountain 16 times, expressing his wish to be buried on it. However, after his death on March 8, 1888, Josif Pančić was buried in Belgrade. 

Significance of the mausoleum
Pancic's wish to return to Kopaonik was granted only in 1951, on the day of the 50th anniversary of Serbian mountaineering, when SANU, with the help of Serbian mountaineers, transferred the remains of him and his wife Mileva to the very top of this mountain in spruce coffins. From that moment, Josif Pancic rests in his favorite place in the mausoleum on the top that bears his name - Pancicev vrh.

Preservation of Pancic's mausoleum is just one of the many ways to pay tribute to him and express gratitude for everything he brought to Serbian science and culture.

What to see
Unfortunately, today the mausoleum can only be reached under certain conditions. If you manage to reach it, on its front side you will see a text dedicated to Pancic by SANU and mountaineers of Serbia:


Ostvarujući zavet Pančićev,
prenosimo ga da ovde večno počiva.
Objavljujemo i njegovu poruku
upućenu srpskoj omladini:
"Da će tek dubokim poznavanjem
i proučavanjem prirode naše zemlje
 pokazati koliko voli
i poštuje svoju otadžbinu".

07.07.1951. godine,
Srpska akademija nauka
Univerzitet u Beogradu
Planinarski savez NRS.


Fulfilling the vow of Pancic,
we transfer him to rest here eternally.
We also publish his message
addressed to Serbian youth:
"Only with a deep knowledge
and study of the nature of our country 
will you show how much you love 
and respect your homeland."

07/07/1951 years,
Serbian Academy of Sciences
University of Belgrade
Mountaineering Association NRS.

How to get to Mausoleum Pancic
If you are already on Pancic's favorite mountain, remember his great achievements. His mausoleum is officially banned from visiting, but some ways can still give you access.
  • Accompanied by the guard service: the guard service of Pancicev vrh can take you to Pancic's mausoleum.

Additional information
The reason for the isolation of this landmark is the proximity of the border with Kosovo, as well as the possible remains of cluster bombs, which is why it is under the supervision of the army. In any case, Pancic is still at the top where he belongs, and there is still hope that his grave will be completely safe for all who want to bow to him and thank him.
  • Warning: In case you want to climb to the resting place of a great scientist, be sure to call the guards and do not go there without a guide.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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