Obelisk na Suvom rudištu

Vrh Suvo rudište, Kopaonik

Obelisk on Suvo rudiste – the most important information

The Obelisk at the top of Suvo rudiste is an unusual attraction of Kopaonik. Although it is not its primary function, this 15 meters high four-sided pyramid attracts the attention of visitors who find themselves here. 

History of the Obelisk
The characteristic shape of this building almost gives the impression that it is a mystical historical monument from antiquity. However, this obelisk was built by the Republic Geodetic Authority of Serbia in the 1930s. Firstly made of wood, only after the Second World War, it has gotten the appearance of a pyramid of stone and concrete, which it still has today.

Significance of the Obelisk
Set at an altitude of 1970 meters, it has the essential function of a first-order trigonometric point. Trigonometric points such as this have a role in creating a geometric basis for surface mapping. Based on these results, geodesists and other engineers make map plans and solve engineering problems. So, such buildings, which were built everywhere in Serbia, have a practical function and are important, above all, in the science domain. However, this obelisk on Suvo Rudiste is increasingly gaining the role of a real tourist attraction.

What to see
The location of the obelisk on Suvo rudiste does not only attract experts. Tourists consider this place a truly interesting attraction where you can see:
  • Obelisk - this 15-meter pyramid that is slowly gaining the role of a tourist destination.
  • Abandoned mine - obelisk is located on the very edge of this mine.
These traces of human action give a very authentic look to this place. This obelisk near the mine seems to be a type of landmark of the new age, one can freely say a monument of technology.

How to get to the Obelisk
This location is easy to reach because it is a few minutes away from the exit station Pančićev vrh.
  • Walking: you can usually visit it on walking tours that lead through this landscape.

Additional information
  • Moving outside the well-trodden paths of Kopaonik is not recommended due to the remaining cluster bombs
  • Climbing to the high peaks of the mountain can be strenuous, so bring the best equipment


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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