Semeteško jezero

Selo Semeteš, Kopaonik

The lake Semetesko jezero – the most important information

On the western side of Kopaonik, near the village of Semetes, lies a natural phenomenon that is specific in many ways - Semetesko jezero. Several million old glacier cove filled with water today is one of the few barrier lakes in Serbia.It is located at an altitude of 900 meters and only 200 meters from the Kopaonik National Park. However, it did not have the status of a tourist attraction for a long time, partly because of the poor connection with other offers of Kopaonik and perhaps because of the mystical stories that veil it. 

First of all, no one has seen the bottom of Semetesko jezero yet. Due to the characteristic funnel shape, the middle of the lake goes into vast depths that neither excellent divers nor locals have been able to explore. Many, therefore, believe that it is bottomless. However, the lake always has the same water level, regardless of the season and weather conditions. A reason for that is constant inflow from the underground springs and the outflow from the river Semeteska reka. Strangely enough, this lake has a nature that is active in an unusual way. Due to that, it got the status of a hydrological monument of nature. It is also considered a place of mystical events.

The origin of the lake
Apart from the fact that after 15 meters of depth, the currents of underwater springs drag divers down, people fear this lake for other reasons. They believe that fairies used to gather on its surface and that a monster lives in its depths. The locals believe that the lake itself was created because the ground swallowed a priest who wanted to harvest crops on Saint Cyril's day. He was punished as the water came out of the hole and made Semetesko jezero. Despite that, today more and more people are heading to this lake, to enjoy its beauties and attractions.

The most beautiful places by the lake
Near the lake, there is an ethnic complex built on the coast, where visitors like to relax, try traditional dishes and enjoy the ambiance.
In addition, this unusual lake offers many activities:
  • Swimming and diving - on the lake you can refresh yourself in the shallows and dive in safe areas.
  • Fishing - not only tourists and curious people come to Semetesko jezero, but also fishermen who like to hunt Common and Prussian carp.
What to see:
Namely, as soon as you arrive at this place, someone will invite you to take a ride on this lake, but not by boat. To the great delight of visitors, the main attractions of the lake are:
  • Floating islands - with all the trees and vegetation, these small islands are being moved by the wind. Therefore, they are seen as wonders among the tourist attractions of the entire Balkans. When you find yourself on one of them, do not hesitate to use a paddle and ride on the lake in a completely authentic manner.
On the second of August, the Days of Sveti Ilija are held on the shores of the lake, when locals and visitors participate in various competitions:
  • Jumping in the water
  • Pulling the rope with oxen
  • Throwing a stone from the shoulder
  • Playing traditional instruments
  • The choice for the most beautiful girl in Semetes
As the lake offers something for everyone, you will not be disappointed if you visit it. Everyone who headed to the lake Semetesko jezero returned impressed by beauty and diversity, both natural and cultural contents. Although they sometimes shy away from it, people near lake Semetesko jezero live in a heavenly environment. And the lake itself just doesn't choose whom to delight and whom to scare.

How to get to the lake Semetesko jezero
Several roads are leading to the lake, so depending on personal preferences you can go:
  • By off-road vehicle: driving from the tourist center of Kopaonik.
  • By car: via asphalt road Kopaonik - Rudica.
  • On foot: for those ready for a challenge there is a marked walking route.
    • Road: Walking under an ascent of 850 meters can last from 8 to 10 hours, so it is not recommended for those who are not in good physical condition.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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