Dolina Jorgovana

Reka Ibar, Kopaonik

The valley Dolina jorgovana - the most important information

The Ibar River in southwestern Serbia, about 270 km long, cuts into the mountainous landscape all the way to the eastern part of Montenegro. With its numerous branches and rapids, it made the most beautiful engravings of this region.

Although not a navigable river, the Ibar is significant and famous in many ways. Its valley, narrow gorges, and deep canyons are true examples of wild natural beauty. However, in the cradle of the Ibar, grow whole rows of a more tame plant, the fragrant lilac.

History of valley Dolina jorgovana
This delicate wood did not accidentally enrich this area with its scent. In the middle of the 13th century, the French princess Helen of Anjou arrived in the Ibar valley as the future wife of King Stefan Uros I. 

For this reason, the Serbian king decided to plant blue, white, and pink lilacs along the inaccessible coast of the Ibar, which will remind Princess Helen of her native Provence. Since then, gentle lilac trees have been blooming in the valley named Dolina jorgovana for the gentle Serbian queen.

About Helen of Anjou
In this valley, near the lively river Ibar, Queen Helen lived for more than half a century. Apart from being a noble ruler and the mother of future kings, Dragutin and Milutin, she is remembered by the Serbian people as an educator. 

It is believed that her library is one of the first in Serbia. In addition, it is believed that the queen was teaching many young girls from the area, which is why today she is considered the first Serbian teacher.

The most beautiful places in the valley
Apart from the lilac tree with a beautiful scent and colorful flowers, there is another symbol of the cultural and political prosperity of the Serbian state in the valley.
  • Gradac Monastery - endowment of Helen of Anjou in which the queen was buried. It was built between 1270 and 1280, in a mixture of Gothic and Serbian-Byzantine styles.
How to get to the valley Dolina jorgovana
The valley of lilacs stretches along the river Ibar from Kraljevo to Raska.
  • By car: driving along the Ibar highway in places where the road is very close to the gorge, you can see rows of lilacs that form this fragrant valley.
Adittional information
This place is also known outside the borders of our country, so in 2007, from the heir to the French crown, Charles Philippe of Orleans, Duke of Anjou, new lilac seedlings arrived in the valley in memory of Helen of Anjou.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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