Zlatarsko jezero

Kokin Brod, Uvac

Lake Zlatarsko Jezero - the most important information

Lake Zlatarsko Jezero, or Kokin Brod, is one of the three largest lakes in Serbia, right after Djerdap and Lake Perucac. Although it was created artificially in the valley of the river Uvac, it abounds in the beauties of unscathed nature. In addition, together with lakes Uvacko Jezero and Radoinjisko Jezero, it offers many tourist attractions that attract an increasing number of visitors to the valley of river Uvac.

The origin of the lake Zlatarsko Jezero
Zlatarsko Jezero was created by raising a dam on the river Uvac, at an altitude of 805 m, near the settlement of Kokin Brod. This blockade of the river created the conditions for the construction of the Kokin Brod hydroelectric power plant, which began operating in 1962. At that time, a large amount of water formed a lake with an area of ​​7.5 square kilometers, thus flooding some parts of the rivers Tisovica and Zlosinica.

The most beautiful places near the lake Zlatarsko Jezero
Zlatar Lake is a true paradise for tourists. Near the lake, there are resorts and picnic areas that fit beautifully into the landscape and allow visitors to get to know all the beauties of this place. The parts arranged for tourists are:
  • Pontoon beach - where you can refresh yourself during the hot summer months. The beach also has a children's pool, and there is a beach volleyball court nearby.
  • Visitor Center - a building designed in the shape of a tower on three levels, with facilities, a terrace, and a viewpoint. From the very top of this building, you can enjoy the view of the lake and the surroundings.
  • Resorts - you do not have to worry about where you will stay because Zlatarsko Jezero offers a variety of accommodation facilities, from ethno log cabins and rafts to villas and apartments. Some of them are:
    • Motel "Zlatarsko jezero"
    • Raft "Maria"
    • Log cabin "Djordje"
What to see
While near lake Zlatarsko Jezero, don't miss seeing the rare bird species for which this whole area is famous:
  • Griffon vulture - this species of vulture cruises in the sky above Uvac, so you will surely be able to see it from one of the viewpoints by the lake. If you are lucky, you can see the whole flock because this whole area is dedicated to nurturing this endangered species, which is also the largest bird species in Serbia.
In addition to beautiful views and wonderful nature, Zlatarsko Jezero also offers numerous dynamic activities:
  • Cruising - the lake is navigable, so you can cruise on boats that are often seen on its surface.
    • Price: 1200 dinars per person
  • Cycling - for those who like to be active, there is the possibility of going around the lake area on two wheels.
  • Hiking - as the lake is located right next to the mountain Zlatar, this area has interesting places that hiking enthusiasts like to explore.
  • Fishing - in Zlatarsko Jezero you can usually find brown trout, American lake trout, and common carp.
How to get to the lake Zlatarsko Jezero
What gives additional value to Zlatarsko Jezero is its ideal location. The lake lies near a busy highway that leads from Belgrade to the coast of Montenegro, so it is easy to reach. You can reach Zlatarsko Jezero:
  • By car: the road Belgrade - Bar, which passes through Kokin Brod, will take you to the lake.
  • By bus lines: lines that drive on parts of the route Belgrade - Bar can take you to Kokino Brod, from where you can easily reach the lake.
You can go on a tour around the lake:
  • By car: the road allows driving near the lake shores, so visitors often tour the surroundings by car.
  • By jeep: as part of organized tours, centers such as the Zlatar Adventure Center can take you on a tour of viewpoints and picnic areas around the lake.
  • By bike: as part of bicycle tours, you can visit the most beautiful places on a bicycle alone or in a group.
  • On foot: you can go on a tour on foot, but keep in mind that the offer of Zlatarsko Jezero is as large as the surface of the lake itself, so you will need a couple of days to reach all the attractions on foot.
Ticket price
Zlatarsko Jezero, like many other natural beauties of this area, is under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac".
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for people older than 18, or 50 dinars for young people aged 8 to 18.
Important information for fishermen
Prices of licenses for sport fishing on lakes in the Uvac canyon:
  • Annual permit: 5,000 dinars
  • Seven-day permit: 2,000 dinars
  • Daily permit: 1,000 dinars


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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