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Uvac River - the most important information

Uvac is a river that flows between the mountains Zlatibor and Zlatar and is specific in many ways. It is characterized by winding meanders that have carved a canyon rich in untouched nature, rare flora, and fauna.

In addition, Uvac is famous for the high activity of hydroelectric power plants that were built on dams that intersect its course. Today, the places where the dams were built are generally known for artificial lakes accessible to visitors.

The origin of the river Uvac
Uvac springs southeast of Jadovik and has several tributaries that form its 119 km long course. The river Uvac itself flows into Lim and belongs to the basin Crnomorski Sliv, so part of its course enters the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The most beautiful places by the river Uvac
What Uvac is most famous for is its accumulation lakes. These lakes, in addition to their technological value, have also taken on the role of wonderful tourist attractions. On their shores, sprout catering facilities, sports fields, and you can explore their nature in various ways. Be sure to visit lakes:
  • Uvacko Jezero (Sjenicko) - near the village of Akmacici, near Sjenica
  • Zlatarsko Jezero - near the village of Kokin Brod
  • Radoinjsko Jezero - near the village of Radoinje
It can be said that the entire Uvac valley is enriched with tourist facilities that fit in wonderfully with its nature, so here you can also see:
  • Ethno Village Vranesa - a complex that offers accommodation for all who want to visit the canyon of Uvac. Here you can stay in a bungalow, apartment or villa. You can visit the wellness center and try traditional food in one of the restaurants in this area.
What to see
Due to its natural beauty and tourist capacity, the entire region of the Uvac valley has been taken under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac". Thus, all its lakes, caves, flora, and fauna are protected by law and have since been nurtured as natural monuments of great value. In this regard, the Special Nature Reserve has become home to:
  • Griffon vulture - a rare species of vulture that is considered a sacred bird, a cleaner of nature. The vulture is the largest bird in Serbia, with a wingspan of 2.5 m, and you can often see it cruising in the sky above the canyon of this river and its lakes.
You can also see magnificent caves in the vicinity. These speleological castles are an unavoidable part of many organized tours that will take you to:
In addition to these attractions, you can try your hand at water sports and other activities such as:
  • Fishing
  • Rafting
  • Swimming
  • Walking and jogging
  • Mountain climbing
  • Cycling
How to get to the river Uvac
As this river is long flowing, you can reach it from various directions. The best option is the Belgrade - Bar highway, which can easily lead you to the most attractive places near Uvac.
  • By car: the highway leads to Kokin Brod, from where you can easily visit the entire reserve by local roads.
  • By bus lines: lines that drive on the road Belgrade - Bar can take you to the reserve "Uvac".
When you reach the reserve, you can go on a tour:
  • By car: local roads allow driving along the river and its lakes.
  • By bike: as part of cycling tours, you can visit the viewpoints and famous places on the bike alone or in a group.
  • On foot: as part of walking tours that can take you through most of the reserve.
  • By jeep: as part of organized tours, centers such as the Zlatar Adventure Center can take you on a tour of viewpoints and picnic areas in the vicinity of Zlatarsko Jezero and its surroundings.
Ticket price
The tours of the Special Reserve "Uvac" are organized by various groups, and most often start from the Ethno Village Vranesa.
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for visitors older than 18, or 50 dinars for young visitors aged 8 to 18.
Important information for fishermen
Prices of licenses for sport fishing on lakes in the Uvac canyon:
  • Annual permit: 5,000 dinars
  • Seven-day permit: 2,000 dinars
  • Daily permit: 1,000 dinars