Slapovi Sopotnice

Sopotnica, Uvac

Sopotnica waterfalls - the most important information

Sopotnica Waterfalls is located near the village of Sopotnica in the municipality of Prijepolje in the Zlatibor district. It is a natural monument and thus a protected natural asset. The river Sopotnica got its name from the word "sopot" and means roaring water.

Characteristics of Sopotnica waterfalls
Sopotnica waterfalls occur when several permanent and occasional karst springs and springs of the Sopotnica river, after merging, separate again and create a series of waterfalls over bigren terraces. There are seven bigren terraces, and the most attractive is the "Great Waterfall", which is 20 meters high. The waterfall can only be reached on foot because it is inaccessible to vehicles, but they are reached by stone marked paths. Around the waterfall is extraordinary greenery with lots of trees and moss.

In the village of Sopotnica, several houses offer accommodation and food and it can be your starting point for hiking trails 53 km long or for cycling on one of the many bike trails whose total length is 40 km.

How to get to Sopotnica Waterfalls?
You can reach the waterfall by marked rocky roads, which you can reach first by the main road Belgrade-Podgorica, from where you turn towards the village Sopotnica, from where you just follow the road until you reach the mountain lodge where the roads start.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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