Radoinjsko jezero

Selo Radoinje, Uvac

Lake Radoinjsko Jezero - the most important information

In addition to lakes Uvacko and Zlatarsko, Radoinjsko Jezero is the third one that has been created by blocking the flow of the Uvac River. These artificial lakes have been created primarily because of hydroelectric power plants. At first, they were accumulation lakes or reservoirs, but they quickly gained the function of tourist destinations.

The origin of the lake Radoinjsko Jezero
Radoinjsko Jezero lies at an altitude of 805 meters and is the smallest of all artificial lakes on Uvac. Its primary role is to store a large amount of water which is being transferred through canals to the hydroelectric power plant "Bistrica". With this, the river Uvac course got somewhat changed, which is only one of the phenomena of this dynamic river.

Otherwise known for its winding meanders, the Uvac river attracts a lot of people to its valley with its clear lake surfaces. Radoinjsko Jezero here offers visitors beautiful natural surroundings, freshness, and numerous places to relax.

The most beautiful places by the lake Radoinjsko Jezero

Surrounded by fragrant coniferous forests, the surroundings of the lake are pleasant for walking and other outdoor activities. Near the lakeshore you can find:
  • Sports fields
  • Viewpoints
  • Coffee and bars
If you want to stay longer by the lake, you can find accommodation in the village of Radoinja. If you want to fully explore the environment, we recommend that you visit:
  • Ethno Village Vranesa - a complex that offers accommodation in bungalows as well as standard catering facilities. In addition, the village has a wellness center, cafes, restaurants, and other facilities that tourists often visit. What makes this ethno village the most famous is the viewpoint, which offers wonderful views of the lakes - Radoinjsko and Zlatarsko.
What to see
The lake has many offers for tourists like places for sunbathing, swimming and relaxing. For those who like lake activities, Radoinjsko Jezero is ideal for:
  • Rafting and cruising
  • Walking and jogging
  • Fishing
Although smaller than the other two lakes of the river Uvac, Radoinjsko Jezero has a unique offer for those who just want to enjoy freshwater. However, here you will be able to see one of the great sensations of Uvac:
  • Griffon vulture - this species of vulture, with a wingspan of 2,5 m, is the largest bird species in Serbia. The colony of griffon vultures is protected by the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac", so these magnificent birds can be seen around the cliffs and reefs of all lakes on Uvac.
How to get to Radoinjsko Jezero
The lake is easy to reach from the highway Belgrade - Bar.
  • By car: it is best to come from the direction of Kokin Brod, near the village of Vranesa, to the village of Radoinje.
  • By bus lines: lines that run on parts of the route Belgrade - Bar can take you to Kokin Brod, from where you can reach Radoinjsko Jezero via the village of Radoinja.
Ticket price
Radoinjsko Jezero, like the other two lakes, Zlatarsko and Uvacko, is under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac". The tour of this Special Reserve is organized by various groups that most often start their tours from the Ethno Village of Vranesa.
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for visitors older than 18, or 50 dinars for young visitors aged 8 to 18.
Important information for fishermen
Prices of licenses for sport fishing on lakes in the Uvac canyon:
  • Annual permit: 5,000 dinars
  • Seven-day permit: 2,000 dinars
  • Daily permit: 1,000 dinars


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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