Vidikovac Molitva

Vrh Molitva, Uvac

Viewpoint Molitva- the most important information

Mountain top Molitva is one of the most beautiful places from which you can see the great area of the river Uvac and its canyon. This place has become popular for visitors, both because of the road that leads to it, and because of the unforgettable moments from its viewpoint.

Characteristics of the viewpoint Molitva
This wonderful place of the Special Nature Reserve Uvac is located at an altitude of 1247 meters, not far from the top Molitva. There is a wooden platform with a fence where people come to take photos, relax, or just enjoy the beautiful view of river Uvac.

What to see
Uvac is a river of characteristic shape, with winding meanders and three artificial lakes. As such, it is home to rare flora and fauna that you can see on a walking tour to the Molitva viewpoint.
A place like this is a real revelation for visitors who are coming to meet the true beauty of the river Uvac from this top and get to know the valley from another angle.

When you climb the Molitva viewpoint, you may have the opportunity to see the natural ruler of the Uvac river:
  • Griffon vulture - a colony of this rare and protected vulture species lives in the "Uvac" Nature Reserve. Apart from being valued as the cleaner of nature, the vulture is considered a sacred bird and symbol of Serbia. We recommend that you look for this magnificent bird from the Molitva viewpoint, which will not be difficult because it is the largest bird species in our territory.
How to get to the viewpoint Molitva
Several roads are leading to the river Uvac and its lakes, so it is important to know exactly what you want to visit. You can reach the viewpoint:
  • By car: on the road between Sjenica and Ivanjica, there is a turn that leads to the viewpoint. The road is about 3 km long and leads to a meadow that serves as a parking lot. At about 300m from this parking lot, there is a viewpoint Molitva.
  • On foot: it is possible to reach the viewpoint on foot, within the walking tours that start from the direction of Sjenica. A few kilometers from Sjenica, a dirt path separates from the road to Ivanjica and leads to the camp Markova Ravan. From there, the trails lead uphill to the viewpoint of Molitva.
    • Road: whether you go by car or on foot, get ready for dirt roads and unpredictable mountain conditions. Both roads to the viewpoint are safe, but we recommend that you be careful and patient.
Ticket price
As the Molitva viewpoint is located within the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac" the entrance fee is charged.
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for visitors older than 18, or 50 dinars for young visitors aged 8 to 18.