Lake Uvacko (Sjenicko) Jezero - the most important information

Lake Uvacko Jezero is a very young artificial lake located at an altitude of 985 meters, near Sjenica and Nova Varos. Surrounded by the mountains Javor and Zlatar, this lake filled with water trapped meanders of the canyon of the river Uvac, which is known for its dynamic flow. Famous for many things, this lake is worth visiting because of its natural beauty and numerous purposes.

The origin of the lake Uvacko Jezero
In 1979, near the village of Akmacici, the river Uvac was dammed in order to build a hydroelectric power plant. By raising the dam, this river canyon got filled with water which formed an artificial lake called Uvacko Jezero or Sjenicko Jezero. Thus, in addition to the Uvac hydroelectric power plant, Uvacko Jezero showed up on the river as the youngest among the artificial lakes.

With ​​up to 5.7 square kilometers, a length of 25 km, and a maximum depth of 108 m, this lake has made many changes in the landscape. The large surface of the water changed the hydrological activity of the caves, the appearance of the environment and became home to various animal and plant species.

The most beautiful places near the lake Uvacko Jezero
Whichever way you manage to approach this lake, you will be amazed by the nature that grows in its curls. Due to its specific shape, you can approach its shores in several places where you can fish and swim.

Although it looks wild, the shores of the lake Uvacko Jezero gladly receive visitors, so you can easily find accommodation and spend the night here. Surrounding places mainly offer cottages, ethno huts, villas, and apartments:
  • Cottage "Pustolov" - on the shores of the lake, on the slopes of Mount Zlatar
  • Villa "Lenka" - in the village Akmacici on the slopes of Zlatar
  • Apartments "Aronija" - near the lake, at 1200m above sea level
  • Ethno yard "Milkina Ravan" - on an agricultural farm in the settlement of Lojanice
What to see
As the lake Uvacko Jezero is part of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac", visits and activities are mostly organized. Usually, the lake is beings visited by fishing enthusiasts because it is rich in species such as maple, carp, barbel, and catfish. Fishing is allowed both from the shore and from the boat, which allows visitors to peek into every corner of this beautiful lake.

What you really should not miss seeing around the lake and on the slopes of the mountains are:
  • Griffon vulture - a rare species of vulture bird whose colony has been protected and nurtured by the "Uvac" reserve for many years. The griffon vulture is considered a sacred bird, the ruler of this lake, and a natural cleaner.
  • Surrounding caves - in the vicinity of the lake Uvacko Jezero and the river Uvac, there are numerous speleological gems that you can visit while you are here:
    • Usacki cave system - you can enjoy this richly decorated system in an organized tour or rafting.
    • Cave Tubica Pecina - as lake Uvacko Jezero submerged the entrance to this cave, you can visit it by boat, which is also a unique experience.
How to get to the lake Uvacko Jezero
The lake is located near the village of Akmacici, from where you can reach its shores. As this place is a tourist attraction, there are a lot of signposts on the road which allow visitors to reach the lake easily.
  •  By car: by turning left, before entering Nova Varos, you reach the village of Akmacic. From there, the road leads to lake Uvacko Jezero, and the ride takes about 45 minutes.
    • Road: on the road from Akmacici to Uvacko Jezero there are many turnings, so we recommend that you drive slower and more carefully.
Ticket price
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for people older than 18, or 50 dinars for young people aged 8 to 18.
Additional information
If you are planning to visit the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac", be sure to come across many beautiful locations that are worth visiting. These places offer unique activities in untouched nature and experiences that you will remember for a long time. In any case, we recommend that you come here well equipped for a mountain adventure.
  • Equipment: waterproof clothes, rubber boots, lamp, helmet, etc.
Important information for fishermen
Prices of licenses for sport fishing on lakes in the Uvac canyon:
  • Annual permit: 5,000 dinars
  • Seven-day permit: 2,000 dinars
  • Daily permit: 1,000 dinars


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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