The cave Ledena pecina and Usacki cave system - the most important information

The ice cave belongs to a rich cave system over 6,000 meters long. In the village of Usak, near the settlement of Gornje Lopize, there is a small river of the same name which flows into the river Uvac. Together, these two rivers enrich the whole area with various natural resources. One very interesting phenomenon is located in a place like this in the form of a long cave system.
The system is formed by three units:
The system itself is called the Usacki cave system. Named after its largest and longest cave, Usacka pecina, it is a rare, large, and rich natural landmark. Due to the characteristics of its caves, and the magnificent overall appearance, the system is under the protection of the Special Nature Reserve "Uvac".

Characteristics of the cave Ledena pecina
The cave Ledena pecina itself is about 2,000 meters long, with a main canal of over 1,500 meters. It extends horizontally with the cave Usacka pecina. It is considered to be the richest decorated part of the system, with unique grandiose elements. It is hydrologically active, as is the entire system, so the hallways of the cave are being shaped by water that flows or dwells in the form of fresh lakes. To enter the cave Ledena pecina, you will need a boat, so a journey through its interior is an adventurous experience itself.

What to see
The most luxurious jewelry of the cave can be seen in the first three halls, part of the fourth hall, and the space called the Western Gallery. If you are wondering why it is called Ledena (Ice Cave), everything will be clear to you when you go through its hallways. 
There you can see:
  • Glittering crystal hedgehogs, glass needles, and petrified corals - these elements adorn it in a unique way compared to other parts of the system.
  • Limestone pillars - the cave Ledena pecina stands out for its very large pillars that can reach a height of 6 meters. Among the plenty of other jewelry of this cave, these characteristic whitish pillars can be found in almost all its halls.
  • Ponds - the parts where the water stayed and made ponds visitors can not approach, but they can still feel the freshness of these underwater springs.
  • Other cave decorations - stalactites, stalagmites, and graceful cave draperies.
Although there are sections that are sparsely decorated, this cave leaves the impression of a beautiful palace.

Ticket price
  • Ticket price to the "Uvac" reserve: 100 dinars for visitors older than 18, or 50 dinars for young visitors aged 8 to 18.
  • Ticket price to the Usacki cave system: 150 dinars per person
Organized tours are being paid additionally, and prices can vary from 1,000 dinars to 13,000 dinars, depending on the number of visitors, the duration of the tour, the boat ride service, the service of organizing walking tours, rafting, etc. On average, 2 hours of rafting on lake Uvacko jezero costs 7,000 dinars, and 3 hours of rafting with a tour of the cave Ledena pecina costs 10,000 dinars.
How to get to the cave Ledena pecina
Due to its unbridled beauty and hidden place, you can reach the cave only with a guide and a ranger.
  • By boat: the only entrance to the cave Ledena pecina is flooded, and you can only approach it by boat.
Additional information:
Well, even though the path through the cave is only partially adjusted for tourists, with a lot of natural obstacles, you will be amazed by the beauty that only nature can carve.
  • Equipment: it is obligatory to go on a tour with a flashlight. Under the lights, the grandiose decorations of the cave look even more sensational. In addition, dress well, bring rubber boots and a helmet. Depending on whether you are going on a tour with an organization, guides can provide you with some equipment.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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