Taorska vrela

Donji Taor, Valjevo

Taor springs - the most important information 

The slopes of the Povlen mountain on the territory of the town of Valjevo hide a natural monument, Taor springs It springs in the village of Donji Taor and flows into the river Skrapez, where there is a waterfall 4.5 meters high. An ideal location for lovers of hiking and nature, these cascading waterfalls are best visited during March and April when the water level is the highest. Taor springs are located not far from the road to Makoviste.

History of Taor springs
The water level at Taor springs was much higher in the past, up until when their water capacity was used for the needs of Kosjeric water supply system. There were 12 mills on them, of which only two have been preserved to this day.

The main spring starts from a spring cave at the foot of the limestone section. The cave with the spring is located on a plateau above the mills and today it is inaccessible and closed. The largest accumulation of bigar in this part of Serbia is deposited downstream from the main spring.

What to visit
A walk through this area will delight you with its natural beauty. You will have the opportunity to see:
  • Pepica mill: one of  the two preserved mills grinds flour that can be bought on the spot, access to it is clear and parking is available, you can refresh yourself with cold drinks and homemade food and buy various souvenirs
  • Waterfall
  • Numerous cascading waterfalls of various sizes
  • Improvised wooden bridges
  • Monument to Zika Jovanovic - Spanac: if you come through the village of Radanovci where the monument is located 
How to get to Taor springs?
Getting to Toar springs is easiest by car, there is also a bus and a train that can be used to get close to the springs from where you need to walk. The road is partly paved, partly macadam. There are parking lots where is possible to leave the vehicle and continue on foot. Well-marked roads to the springs make the trip easier. .
  • By bus: from Valjevo there is a bus line that can take you to the village of Donji Taor
  • By train: the nearest destination that the train can take you to is Drenovacki kik, from where you need to go further on foot, the village of Radanovci is an hour's walk away.
  • By car: follow the road  to the Lelic monastery to the village of Mravinjci, from where it is necessary to go across Bele Vode all the way to the turn for Donji Taor where the Taor springs are not far. When you notice the sign for Taor springs it is necessary to continue straight to the bridge on the river Skrapez, from where it is best to continue on foot.
Additional information
  • If you decide to visit Taor springs during May, we suggest you visit local festival Povlenska sremusijada, which is held then; Sremus, wild garlic, is considered by the people to be a plant with healing properties and it grows in deciduous forests on Povlen in numerous places
  • If you are coming from Belgrade or Novi Sad the best way to visit the springs is with an organized hiking tour organized by the agency Explore Serbia that will cost you 2.800 dinars (around 14 euros); This tour includes a mini bus ride and a tourist guide. Additional equipment, lunch and water supplies should be brought by you


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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