Spomenik vojvodi Živojinu Mišiću

Trg Živojina Mišića, Valjevo

Monument to duke Zivojin Misic - the most important information 

In the pedestrian zone of Valjevo, in the central part of the city, proudly stands a monument to Duke Zivojin Misic. During a visit to the city, a tour of this monument is a must. It can be accessed throughout the year when you can pay tribute to this great Yugoslav military leader.

History of the Monument to Duke Zivojin Misic
Zivojin Misic (1855-1921) was a successful Yugoslav duke. He was born in Struganik, not far from Mionica. He started primary school in the Ribnica monastery, but after his father's death he moved to Kragujevac and then to Belgrade. He enrolled in the Military Academy, but was mobilized towards the end of his schooling.

He took part in the First and Second Serbian-Turkish Wars, the First and Second Balkan Wars and was a part of many battles in the First World War. After the great victory of the Serbian army in the Battle of Kolubara, in December 1914, he received the title of duke because of his significant effort and skills as a military leader. After the end of the war, he participated in the creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, and was appointed Chief of the newly created General Staff of the Kingdom Army. He died in Belgrade and a state funeral was organized for him.

Significance of the Monument to Duke Zivojin Misic
  • Zivojin Misic was the most prominent military leader in the First World War
  • The city of Valjevo has recognized the immeasurable contribution of Zivojin Misic to the history of Serbia and the Balkans in general and this monument is a significant part of the city's tourist offer
How to get to the Monument to Duke Zivojin Misic?
The monument is located on the coast of Kolubara, near Tesnjar, and it can be walked to or reached by car. 
  • By car: the fastest route is through Vladika Nikolaja to Dusanova, from where you turn left into Panticeva, then right to Vuka Karadzica up to the right turn into Cika Ljubina. 
  • On foot: through Vladike Nikolaj and  Dusanova to Kneza Milos up until the left turn to Trg Zivojina Misica 
  • Taxi stations: Gradski Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 291-129, Pink Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 292-929, City Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 354-2222, Kula Taxi: 014 / 290-29


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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