Hram Svetog Ilije

Staro Vrelo, Sokobanja

Hram Svetog Ilije - the most important information

The temple Hram Svetog Ilije is located in the village of Staro Vrelo, on the road from Sokobanja to Knjazevac. This, in many ways famous temple, was built by Knjeginja Persida Karadjordjevic, and it is believed to be the oldest church building on the territory of Sokobanja.

History of the temple
It is believed that the construction of this temple began in 1869, shortly after the visit of Knjegija Persida. According to the story, on the day of Sveti Ilija, knjeginja went to the spring of the river Moravica, where she saw the people gathering around a stone cross. After that, she gave a contribution of 18 ducats so that a temple would be built on this very place. She wanted the temple to celebrate the name of Sveti Ilija.

The significance of the temple

Due to the history and myths that spread around this place of worship, it has become an object of great cultural and historical significance. Like the saint to whom it is dedicated, the temple is associated with water, rain, and storms, and the very appearance of this building looks like coastal churches.

These features of the temple make it stand out among other places of worship in the area, so every year, it is visited by believers as well as curious people, artists, architects, and builders.

What to see
A large number of people visit this old temple in Staro Vrelo, especially on August 2, when the day of Sveti Ilija is being celebrated. Then you can attend the ceremony and traditional rituals associated with Ilindan.

On this day, before dawn, it is customary to extract honey which is considered healthful. Also, according to the locals, no hard work should be done on Ilindan because that could cause accidents, drought, or hail.

Sveti Ilija is also celebrated by millers in this area, so it is not surprising that the temple was built right next to the spring of the river Moravica. It is believed that this saint controls the weather, so today, he is also being celebrated by pilots.

How to get to the temple

You can reach this unique temple via Sokobanja - Knjazevac road.
  • By car: 12 km from Sokobanja, you will see the temple located on the right side of the road.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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