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Trg vojvode Mišića 3, Valjevo

National Museum Valjevo - the most important information 

Established in 1951, National Museum in Valjevo is located in the very center of the city. It is situated not far from Tesnjar near the Grand Hotel and it is a real pleasure to walk there and enjoy the city. The museum takes care of several cultural and historical complexes throughout Valjevo. With its activities and modern approaches to work, it has found itself in the company of the most visited museum institutions in Serbia.

History of the National Museum Valjevo
Since its founding, the museum's exhibition has been housed in Muselimov konak, where it was divided into 4 parts. Part of the exhibition was transferred to a building that acted as a section of Valjevo Hospital during the First World War. Muselim's konak then became a museum gallery in which thematic exhibitions were organized, but after 1995 it was officially turned into a memorial museum dedicated to the Slaughter of the Knezes. The building of the permanent exhibition has gone through a renovation process and those works were completed in 2007. Museum activities are carried out through services of administrative and technical issues, public relations, museum communications and work with museum collections. I takes care of the artefacts from the municipalities of the Kolubara district. Within the museum, there is also an active pedagogical service, whose work is mostly dedicated to children and youth.

Significance of the National Museum Valjevo
  • The museum is actively working on the affirmation of the city of Valjevo, protects and promotes the cultural heritage of these parts of Serbia and develops cultural tourism.
  • For two years in a row, the museum was named the best museum in Serbia; In addition, it received awards from the International Council of Museums and similar organizations.
  • The permanent exhibitions of the National Museum in Valjevo are the most visited indoor exhibitions in Serbia.
What to see
The central exhibition of the museum entitled "Valjevo - the third dimension of the past, a view from the future" with a combination of ambient constructions and modern technology, in 9 museum halls, presents, chronologically arranged, installations from prehistory to the middle of the 20th century. In addition to these halls, there is also an active museum gallery in which thematic events, film evenings, concerts, lectures and similar events are organized. Within the museum souvenir shop, which is located in the reception part of the museum, it is possible to procure informative material, postcards, catalogs. More than 24,500 items that make up the museum's fund have been assigned to the Department of Archeology and Numismatics, the Department of History and Art History, as well as the Department of Ethnology. The museum also takes care of 5 protruding departments:
  • Muselim’s Konak: located at Trg Desanke Maksimovic bb.
  • Kula Nenadovic: located at Jakova Nenadovica bb.
  • Cultural and historical complex in Brankovina: located at Selo Brankovina bb.
  • Native museum department of Osecina
  • Birth house of Vojvode Zivojina Misica in Struganik
Ticket price
As museum activities take place at several locations, the price of the visit varies and it is possible to combine several locations within one visit. In addition to individual tickets, there are benefits for a group of 11 or more people, as well as for family visits of 3 to 6 members. The prices of combined visits range from 260 dinars to 680 dinars, while the range of family and group tickets is from 150 dinars to 480 dinars. All additional information is marked on the museum's website. Individual ticket prices cost:
  • Central setting 190 dinars
  • Muselim’s konak 190 dinars
  • Nenadovic Tower 170 dinars
  • Cultural and historical complex in Brankovina 260 dinars
Working hours
The central setting of the museum and the outpost departments apply the same working hours, which differ only on weekends. Non-standard changes in work are always marked on the museum's website and the working hours change by a few hours depending on the time of year.
  • Tuesday-Saturday 10:00-18:00, with entrance until 17:30
  • Sunday 10:00-15:00 (central setting); 10:00-16:00 (complex in Brankovina)
How to get to the National Museum Valjevo?
From the center of Valjevo you can walk to the main museum building and it does not take more than 15 minutes. Muselim’s konak is in the immediate vicinity of the building, while experienced curators can give you instructions on how to go to other locations at the information desk.
  • On foot: Follow Vladike Nikolaja Street to the left turn in Dusanova. At the Halk bank offices go to Kneza Milosa Street, which takes you to Cika Ljubina, from where the museum building is not far.
  • Taxi stations: Gradski Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 291-129; Pink Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 292-929; City Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 354-2222; Kula Taxi: 014 / 290-29
Additional information
The cultural-historical complex in Brankovina and the central exhibition of the museum can be visited in a group outside working hours, for which it is necessary to announce the visit at least 48 hours before arrival.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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