Moderna galerija Valjevo

Vuka Karadžića 11, Valjevo

Modern Gallery Valjevo - the most important information 

The esteemed painter Ljuba Popovic initiated the founding of this gallery and it has been enriching the cultural offer of Valjevo since 1985. The main exhibition space is only a 15-minute walk from the city center and close to Muselim’s konak and the Valjevo Cultural Center. In addition to this space, the gallery exhibits in several places in the city, takes care of legacies and promotes modern fine arts through its business. We recommend that you visit the Modern Gallery when you are in Valjevo and enjoy the exhibitions that the curators and artists have carefully put together.

History of the Modern Gallery Valjevo
The founding of the gallery was helped by the municipality of Valjevo, and its original idea was to exhibit the early works of artists from the Mediala group. Mediala was founded in 1953 in Belgrade. During the opening of the gallery, the first exhibition dedicated to Ljuba Popovic's paintings in the Yugoslav period was organized. On that occasion, he donated paintings and drawings to the gallery and thus began filling the fund. In addition to organizing exhibitions, the gallery organizes concerts of classical music and promotions of monographs. Since its founding, 72 exhibitions have taken place, up to 3 a year in addition to the permanent exhibition, and the fund currently consists of over 500 works. The building in which the gallery is located is a combination of the neoclassical complex of Valjevo High School and the modern solution of the Business School. There are 3 exhibition spaces, 4 small depots and an art library.

Significance of the Modern Gallery Valjevo
  • Some of the art objects have the status of the Movable Cultural Property of the Republic of Serbia.
  • The Modern Gallery has been declared a cultural institution of national importance, as its work nurtures late-modern style painting and promotes Valjevo and its artists.
What to see
Today, the gallery operates through collections, conservation, selection, presentation and scientific processing of its artifacts. The collection of the gallery was mostly created with gifts, while a certain number of works were purchased from the authors who exhibited. The catalogs that accompany all exhibitions stand out for their professionalism and follow each exhibition, and are fully available on the gallery's website. Ljuba Popovic's legacy is a permanent exhibition of the museum, and among the artists whose works make up the fund are:
  • Milan Popovic
  • Vladimir Velickovic
  • Ksenija Divljak
  • Vida Jocic
  • Dragoslav Zivkovic
  • Olja Ivanjicki
  • Dragan Lubarda
  • Igor Vasiljev
Working hours
  • Throughout the week, except Tuesdays from 10:00 to 18:00
How to get to the Modern Gallery Valjevo?
From the city center to the Gallery building it is easy to walk as the distance is just over 1km. If you prefer a ride, you can come by your own vehicle or call one of the city's taxi services.
  • By car: From Vladike Nikolaja Street, go to Dusanova, which you follow to the left turn into Panticeva, next to the Biopharm pharmacy. Turn right onto Vuk Karadzica from where the gallery is not far.
  • On foot: You can follow the same route for a walk, or cross from Dusanova to Karadjordjeva which takes you to Vuk Karadzic street.
  • Taxi stations: Gradski Taxi Valjevo 014/ 291-129; Pink Taxi Valjevo 014/292-929; City Taxi Valjevo 014/354-2222; Kula Taxi 014/290-29


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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