Spomen kompleks na Tekerišu

Tekeris, Sabac

Have you heard of the Battle of Tekeris? This battle took place during the First World War between the Serbian and Austro-Hungarian armies. The Serbian army won then, but it paid too much for that victory - with numerous lives that died that day. The Serbian people especially wanted to thank these heroes, so he erected a monument to them, about which you can find out more at this place.

History of the Memorial Complex on Tekeris
The memorial ossuary was unveiled on Vidovdan, June 28, 1928. It is located in the center of the village. About 3,500 Serbian soldiers were buried here, who selflessly gave their lives for the homeland. In addition, members of the 28th Prague Regiment, Czechs, were buried in the memorial ossuary. They were decimated by the Austrians, since the Czech soldiers were part of their army.

Appearance and characteristics of the Monument
It is a natural rock, whose height is 10 meters. The remains of the fallen brave warriors are buried in the foundations of this memorial ossuary. When you observe this monument, special attention will be drawn to the eagle with outstretched wings at the top of the monument, with a laurel wreath in its beak. At the front of the pyramid is a shield with a cross, four points, a crown and a date (August 18, 1914). In addition, here you will notice a text that will make you shiver - Your works are immortal, dedicated to all the fallen heroes in the battle of Tekeriš.

How to get to the Memorial Complex on Tekeriš?
If you are starting from Belgrade, you can reach this monument in 3 ways, using 3 different routes:
  • via Route 137
  • via Route 26 and
  • via Route 124 and Route 137.
If you decide on the first way, it will take you an hour and 35 minutes by car to reach this monument and pay tribute to the people who really deserved it.

Additional information
The memorial complex on Tekeriš was designed by architect Bojić. 7 memorial plaques with dedications and figures of Serbian dukes - Radomir Putnik and Stepa Stepanović - were placed on its pedestal. On the north side of the monument, there is a former chapel, in which an exhibition about the Battle of Cer is set. At the entrance to the complex, you will also notice a stone memorial fountain, with benches and a porcelain painting of Duke Stepa Stepanović. By visiting this monument, you will learn more about Serbian history and its brave people, who have proven their fighting spirit and perseverance for centuries!


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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