Learning no longer has to be torture! Welcome to the Science Park in Sabac, the only park in the region, where you will learn many new and useful things through fun! Find out with us all about this interesting attraction. In this park, scientific treats are waiting for you for all ages - from children in kindergartens, to teachers and professors, who can be professionally trained here.

What is a Science Park?
The science park will make you love the world around you, understand it better and find out everything you have wanted for a long time! This fantastic park was opened on March 26, 2013 in the Sabac Center for Professional Development. The project was realized in cooperation with the Institute of Physics, the Society of Physicists of Serbia, the National Museum in Sabac and the Center for the Promotion of Science.
It is time for students to finally get out of their classrooms and experience the world with their own senses. This will be possible for them in the Sabac Science Park. At this point, they can all observe or think about various natural phenomena and laws, which are learned by heart and without understanding in schools.

What can you see in the Science Park?
In this open-air laboratory, you will meet another face of science and you will realize that it is not as scary as you have thought so far. This Park is perfect for curious children, who are eager for knowledge and constantly ask you something. Bring them here and enjoy with them everything this place has to offer.
  • The contents of scientific installations cover all ages, so absolutely everyone can visit this place.
  • The youngest can learn some interesting information about the planet we live on, for example - how time is measured; while the elderly can be reminded of meridians, sound reflections, crystal structures, DNA replication and other interesting things.
  • In the Science Park, you will notice science boards, which are placed all over the location, so you can read and learn independently while walking around this interesting park.
  • Sabac Science Park gathers all curious minds: students and teachers, teachers and professors, moms and dads, grandparents. Everyone is welcome here - to discover the world together and love the natural sciences, which are only there to help us discover and understand the world!
  • An educational fountain and parabolic sound mirrors will be available here, with which you can hear whispers at a distance of 20 meters.
  • In addition, you will see: Newton's pendulum, DNA model, crystal lattice, solar panel, unique clock (whose hands you can be), meteorological stations, scientific slides, table salt model and 30 scientific boards with explanations in the field: physics, astronomy, geography, biology and chemistry.
How to get to the Science Park?
In just an hour and a half by car (if you are leaving Belgrade), you can reach this ingenious park, which will help your little ones learn and discover the world. Route 26 and Route 21 will be available to you, so you choose the one that suits you best.

Additional information
The science park in Šabac will make your fear of science and school disappear forever! It will bring you closer to different scientific fields and make you learn many useful things through the game. If you are interested in organized visits, you should announce 5 days in advance to the Center for Professional Development (Tel./Fax .: +381 15 391 599). The individual ticket price for the Sabac Science Park is only 100 dinars. Also, if you are coming alone, you need to announce your visit 5 days in advance by email: rcsabac@gmail.com. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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