Šabački murali

Grad, Sabac

Welcome to Sabac, a town located in western Serbia, on the banks of the Sava River. This city is the center of the Macvan district. If you decide to visit it one day, stay with us and discover what all the interesting things you can see in this city. Here you can find information about Sabac murals, by which this city is recognizable.

Sabac murals
Mural or wall painting means a monumental composition made on a wall, ceiling or some other large masonry surface, of which it is an integral part. Sabac can boast of quality murals, which attract the eyes of visitors and make them stop for a moment and think about the idea they want to convey. We have selected the following Sabac murals for you:
  • Mural Well tempered piano
  • Mural Small world
  • Mural Large fish
  • Mural Change
  • Mural Victory
  • Mural Seasons
  • Mural Illusion
Find out below where you can see these interesting murals and what their main characteristics are.

Appearance and characteristics of Sabac murals
Sabac murals adorn the city center and are the bearers of strong messages, intended for both its residents and all visitors.
  1. The mural The well-tempered piano is located next to the Mihailo Vukdragović Music School. On it, you will notice the recognizable contours of the piano and the musical notation on the torn back of the bar code (which is a symbol of consumer society). In addition, you will see the character of Johann Sebastian Bach, who peeks behind the music and who observes the students and professors of the music school. The message that this mural sends is that we need to change the attitude of society towards art, which alone has the ability to make us better people.
  2. Mural Small world - the work of the artist Jelena Gavrilović. The black-and-white picture draws the attention of passers-by to the visible and invisible aspects of the city, so you can see: the starry sky, the old bridge and the fortress, the inhabitants, the animals and the buildings. All these motifs permeate and give one urban and modern image of Sabac, which will not leave you indifferent.
  3. Mural Large Fish - is located near the famous Market (green market), which the inhabitants of Sabac remember from childhood by the aquarium from the fish markets. This mural sends a clear message and is a dedication to ecology and the fight for more beautiful and cleaner cities. The mural is dominated by fish motifs that go from the river to the city.
  4. Mural Change is located between Sabac Victims Square and the pedestrian part of Karadjordjeva Street. During the work on this mural, as much as 102 tons of paint were used. The author Igor Marsenić brings color to the life of Šabac and its inhabitants with this mural. His idea is to make the whole mural act as one big application.
  5. Mural Victory represents a critical departure from the current situation in culture and art, which, unfortunately, has become engaged, applied and commercial. This mural is located in Milorada Šapčanina Street and you can reach it on foot, which will establish the most direct interaction between yourself and this important work of art.
  6. The mural Seasons is the work of the artist Dragiša Marinković. On it you can notice vertical human figures, presented as shadows in different positions and movements - which indicate the presence of man in an urban environment.
  7. Mural Illusion is a kind of art experiment in the field of illusionist painting. On it, complex shapes are reduced to the most basic forms - regular geometric shapes, and the colors used can be found in the immediate environment.
How to get to Sabac?
Sabac is about 80 kilometers away from the Serbian capital. You can reach it by car or bus. If you come by bus, the carrier Lasta will be at your disposal, which organizes daily departures to the city. You will have 3 routes available if you start from Belgrade (Route 21, Route 124 and Route 26). We advise you to choose the first route, as you will reach it the fastest.

Additional curiosities
The muralization of Sabac has contributed to the tourist potential of this city. The residents accepted these murals very well, since none of them were destroyed, although they are all in busy places - most of them decorate the city center. Visit Sabac and discover one new side of it, an artistic face, which he is obviously proud of!


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