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Sava - The most important information

Did you know that the Sava River Basin covers as many as 6 countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania? The Sava is the third tributary of the Danube River, and it enters Serbia near the village of Yemen.

Characteristics of the Sava River
The Sava River flows through several cities in Serbia, including the city of Sabac. The bed of the Sava near this town is 620 meters wide, while near the village of Mishar it is 750 meters (it is the widest in its basin). The length along which the Sava River flows through Serbia is 204 km. This river is navigable throughout its course.

What awaits you on the Sava River?
When you come to the town of Sabac, be sure to stop by the bank of the Sava River. Apart from the city beach where you can sunbathe or relax while reading an interesting book, numerous events await you on the banks of this river. You can read something about them below.
  • City pebble beach on the river Sava - this beach is located next to the fortress Stari grad. During the summer months, this picnic area is one of the most popular places, where the people of Sabac decide to take a walk. Here you can see a large number of visitors who choose this beach during the summer season. On the river bank you will have access to various types of recreation, and you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful view.
  • Sabac manifestations - Numerous manifestations are organized on the Sava bank, which attract both the local population and people from the surrounding places, but also from all over Serbia. The most popular are: International swimming marathon Jarak - Sabac, Sabac Summer Festival, Summer on the Sava and Epiphany swimming for the honorary cross.
  1. The international swimming marathon Jarak - Sabac is better known in the world as the Peace Race. This marathon is held in memory of the "Bloody March" of four and a half thousand people from Sabac, who in 1941 (during the Second World War), under the threat of the death penalty, ran 22 kilometers to the German camp in Jarak.
  2. Sabac Summer Festival - is held inside the Old Town Fortress. The festival program is realized every year at the beginning of August and lasts for 5 days. The goal of this festival is to advocate for the affirmation of young music groups from Serbia, who by participating in this festival have the opportunity to show what they can do and get out of anonymity.
  3. Summer on the Sava - this event includes numerous sports-recreational and creative activities, as well as musical and cultural events. It is held every year in July and lasts 3-4 weeks.
  4. Epiphany swimming for the honorary cross - a manifestation of a traditional character. Then he swam between 2 military pontoons, on the City Beach near Sabac, 33 meters - in honor and memory of the years of Christ, which he spent on earth. During this event, all present citizens were provided with mulled wine, brandy and teas, and the number of gathered people sometimes exceeds 5,000.
How to get to the Sava River?
Sabac is 88 kilometers away from Belgrade. The easiest way to get to this city is by car (via Route 21 and Route 124) or by bus (we recommend the carrier LASTA). When you reach the center of Sabac, you can reach the city beach by walking in about 15 minutes (via Dobropoljska Street or Cara Dusana Street).


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