Vidrak park - the most important information 

On the hill above Valjevo, there is a landscaped park with monuments dedicated to the Revolution fighters of 1941-1945. In the center of the park is a proud bust of the national hero Stevan Filipovic, whose brave move before his death served as an inspiration for the very appearance of the monument. The viewpoint on the Vidrak hill gives you the opportunity to experience Valjevo from this perspective and enjoy the oasis of nature just a few minutes from Kolubara and the neighboring park Pecina. Be sure to head to both parks during a visit to Valjevo as they are ideal for spending time with family, sports activities and romantic moments.
History of Vidrak Park

Vidrak Hill rises on the right side of Kolubara, so it overlooks Tesnjar. For almost two centuries, until the middle of the 20th century, there was a cemetery stationed at the location of Bair. The rapid development of Tesnjar prevented the further spread of this cemetery, where soldiers and hospital staff of Valjevo Hospital infected with typhus were buried.After the war, the District Board of the Association of Fighters of the People's Liberation War of Valjevo was the first to launch an initiative to erect a monument in the name of respect fot the war period and all the heroes it created. Kragujevac and Serbian history especially remember Stevan Filipovic, who was an illegal prisoner of Ravna Gora Chetniks during the war. He was sentenced to death by hanging, on the very day when Valjevo was specially visited. Until the last minutes of his death, he kept his revolutionary spirit by giving a speech that ignited patriotic feelings, with his hands held high in the air. This pose inspired a bust built by sculptor Vojin Bakic, placed on a metal pedestal and made of white aluminum in parts. The monument was declared a cultural asset and is one of the most famous works of this artist.

The best spots in Vidrak Park
This park is considered a memorial park, but at the same time it is a great space for recreation. The surroundings of the monument to Stevan Filipovic were arranged according to the plan of the Novi Sad architect Ratibor Djordjevic, and the park itself can be reached by a paved path that was built at the same time as the monument. Deciduous and coniferous trees cover most of this area and in several places there are benches with a beautiful view. The parts of the park that are a must visit are:
  • Viewpoint Pavilion
  • Memorial to doctors Samuel Cook and Selimir Djordjevic
  • Memorial cross for military and civilian victims of the typhus epidemic and war operations 1914-1916
  • Remains of tombstones
  • Memorial plaque with the text of Dobrica Cosic
  • Souvenir shop
How to get to Vidrak Park?
A walk to the park can take you through Tesnjar and across Kolubara, and for that you will need just over 20 minutes. You can cross the same route by car and affordable taxi services are available.
  • On foot: The fastest way to get to the park is to follow Dusanova and Bairska streets to Bobovceva, from where you follow the paved road to the center of the park. From Dusanova you can go to the Tesnjar and continue to Bircaninova and Bobovceva.
  • Taxi stations: Gradski Taxi Valjevo 014 / 291-129; Pink Taxi Valjevo 014 / 292-929; City Taxi Valjevo 014 / 354-2222; Kula Taxi 014 / 290-29 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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