Jezero Ludaš

Šupljak, Subotica

Lake Ludas - the most important information 

Unique for its nature and the second largest in northern Backa, the aeolian lake Ludas is the pearl of the tourist offer of Vojvodina. From the center of Subotica, take the Horgoska road and in less than 20 minutes you will find yourself on the shores of this lake and nature park. This area is specific for all the natural, cultural, ecological and archaeological values ​​it preserves. Favorable geographical position has a positive impact on the development of the tourist offer, which grows from season to season. Within a radius of 100 kilometers there are Novi Sad, Sombor, Zrenjanin, Kikinda, which you can also visit. Be sure to see all the beauties and attractions of Lake Ludas, you will be greeted by unforgettable landscapes.

The origin of Lake Ludas
The lake was formed at an altitude of 98 meters. The Tisa river flows near it and it is close to the well-visited Lake Palic. The bed of Lake Ludas is shallow and was formed by the work of the winds. After the wind dug a shaft, the sand dunes prevented further runoff. This lake is actually a complex of wetland habitats, made up of open water surfaces, reeds and richly developed grasslands. It occupies a size of 328 hectares. The surroundings of the lake have been inhabited since the Stone Age, and traces from several historical periods have been preserved to this day. It is believed that the remains found on the coast are a sign of the existence of the oldest settlement from the Paleolithic period in this part of Serbia.The climate in this area is moderate-continental , summer temperatures can be quite high and sometimes during the winter the lake freezes. The most pleasant time to visit is between May and October. The mixture of several geological bases around the lake has led to the fact that various types of land can be found there today. The area of ​​the Special Nature Reserve Ludasko Lake has been protected since 1955 and the reserve itself covers more than 846 hectares. Since 1977, it has been on the list of Ramsar sites, which lists wetlands of world importance.

Activities on Lake Ludas
The widely developed tourist offer focuses on all the attributes of the reserve. The flora and fauna is what the lake area is perhaps most famous for, so you have the opportunity to see over 38 species of birds for which the lake is an important location for food on the migration route, 20 species of fish, numerous amphibians, deer, rabbits, otters. The plant species that grow here are of a specific shape and color, among them are the protected species of large kacunak and green sea trident. The surroundings of the lake are adorned with farms that preserve and nurture Serbian tradition and cultural heritage. Within the reserve there is a visitor center where you can find out about all the activities that are organized, and in the center itself, educational tourism is nurtured by organizing lectures, seminars and trainings. Pay special attention to:
  • Visitor trails Curgo and Kires: a walk on the eastern trail is accompanied by a guide as it goes  through the protected area.
  • Boat and kite ride
  • Bird watching and fishing
  • Visiting Podolian cattle and water buffaloes
  • Visit to island Roza Sandor
  • The Catholic Church and the Parish on the Ludas Shore
  • Salas of Zvonko Bogdan vinary
  • Summer eco-camp: It is organized with the aim of ethnological research and learning in nature, where the youngest are given a chance to get acquainted with the natural environment, while high school and university students can improve their research work.
  • Events: Ludos Day, Village Days, Garlic Festival, Donkey Race in Backi vinogradi.
How to get to Lake Ludas?
From Subotica to the lake the distance is less than 14 kilometers. From Maksima Gorkog Street, take the Segedinski put near the Teretna stanica bus stop. Continue on to Palic, where you will cross to the Horgoski put road, which you follow to the place Supljak, from where the lake is not far. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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