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A short walk from Ferenc Reichl Park will take you to the building of the Children's Theater in Subotica. Since the 30s the talented ensemble has been organizing plays for the youngest. Their work has been awarded with numerous recognitions and an international festival has emerged from it. In its immediate vicinity is the City Skating Rink and due to its convenient location it is easy to locate. It was known for its very affordable ticket price, which is still the case today. Do not miss the opportunity to attend one of the performances from their rich repertoire.

History of the Children's Theater
The first step in the creation of the theater was made in 1934, when the work of the puppet theater began. The repertoire included pieces by Oton Tomanic, who is considered the originator of puppetry in Subotica. The theater founded its first professional ensemble during the 50's and then stood out as one of the most successful cultural institutions dealing with programs for children. When it introduced the play The Boys of St. Paul's Street into its repertoire, the puppet theater was renamed the Children's Theater-Gyermekszínház. The theater has proven that its repertoire can match the most famous ensembles in the world and often performs on international stages.

Significance of the Children's Theater
  • After adding the name Children's Theater in 2002, it became the only theater in Serbia that performs its program in 3 languages.
  • It founded the International Children's Theater Festival in 1993, which is especially appreciated on the domestic and world stage.
  • The theater ensemble has won numerous awards, and is especially proud of the October award given by the city of Subotica, as well as the Iskra kulture award and the Vuk award.
Repertoire of Children's Theater
About 5 premiers are organised annually, two of which are in Serbian and Hungarian and one bilingual. On average, about 280 plays are played on the stage of the theater a year, and the program is intended for children from preschool to high school age.

How to get to the Children's Theater?
The favorable location of the theater will make it easier for you to get to it, perhaps you will enjoy the walk from the city center the most, for which you need to set aside only 5 minutes. You can use a similar route for driving, and the nearest bus stops are Jadra; Hotel Patria; Technical school "Ivan Saric". Affordable taxi services are also available.
  • On foot: From the central town square, Korzo street takes you directly to the theater.
  • By car: Follow Strosmajerova Street up until the left turn in Maksima Gorko all the way to the left turn again in DJure Djakovica, from where the theater building is not far away.
  • Bus lines: 3; 6; 22; 23; 25
  • Taxi stations: Zuti taxi 024/9789, Hallo Taxi 024/9766, Grand Taxi 024/562 476, 024 Taxi 024/548 988 


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  • Brige
  • Museum


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