Ferenc Raichle's Palace - the most important information 

One of the symbols of Subotica, which in the right way represents Hungarian architecture, is also a cultural monument of great importance. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been situated close to the park, which also bears the name of this great architect. Reichl Ferenc spent part of his life in Subotica, which he left after the bankruptcy. This turn of events led to the sale of his property on public auction. The Contemporary Gallery of Subotica found its home in the palace in the late 60s. The palace is a significant part of the tourist offer of Subotica, so do not miss it when you are in this area.

Architecture of the Ferenc Raichle's Palace
Ferenc Raichle was noticeably inspired by the style of the Hungarian secession, whose rules he especially followed during the construction of this palace in Subotica. Critics and connoisseurs of architecture and art consider the palace in Subotica to be his biggest masterpiece. The central part with the entrance portal attracts the most attention. Along the edges of it there are yellow ceramics from Pecs. This ceramic has great resistance to natural influences and has retained its bright colors to this day. Neither side of the loggia has been neglected and you will have the opportunity to see wooden bay windows and mosaics on them. The interior and courtyard are decorated in the same style. The palace itself was divided from the courtyard by an iron fence and a terrace decorated with flower holders. A high fence with two gates hid the garden part of the palace from a nearby street.

What to see
When visiting the Contemporary Gallery of Subotica, in addition to viewing the permanent exhibition, you can also explore the interior of the palace itself. Each room has unique decorations on the ceiling and embossed decorations in the upper part of the walls. Within the palace there are:
  • Large dining room: Used as a ballroom.
  • Men's Salon: It contained a billiard room and a smoking lounge.
  • Women's salon
  • Bedroom with wardrobe, bathroom and children's room
  • Family breakfast room
How to get to the Ferenc Raichle's Palace?
The location where the palace is set is very accessible and you will not have a problem navigating. On your  walk to the palace, you will pass by the City Skating Rink, the Railway Station and various cultural institutions, depending on the direction from which you come. There is a public city transport that takes you to the immediate area from where you will not need more than 7 minutes to reach your destination. The bus stops closest to the palace are Jadran; Hotel Patria; Technical school "Ivan Saric".
  • On foot: To the address where the palace is located you can follow, from the city center,  the streets Maksim Gorkog, Vase Stajica, Branislava Nusica or  Korzo.
  • Bus lines: 1A; 3; 6; 23; 25
  • Taxi stations: Zuti taxi 024/9789, Hallo Taxi 024/9766, Grand Taxi 024/562 476, 024 Taxi 024/548 988


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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