Sumarice – the most important information

The memorial park Sumarice, placed in Kragujevac, represents an important part of Serbian history and due to its tragic and sentimental events it attracts great attention from both foreign and local tourists. In addition, Sumarice is also a popular picnic and rest area because it offers quite a number of interesting activities and at the same time moments for rest and enjoyment in its lavish greenery.

History of Sumarice
The history of Sumarice is not bright. At this place, in the Second World War, more precisely on October 21, 1941 the German occupiers shot more than 3000 civilians including 300 high-school students from Kragujevac. In memory of this cruel act in 1953 a memorial complex “October in Kragujevac” was built which includes monuments “Monument of Pain and Defiance”, “Crystal Flower”, “One Hundred for One”, monument of “Resistance and Freedom” and the most famous one “Monument to Executed students” (also known as “Interrupted Flight”) with an equally famous quote of a professor, who was shot alongside his students, carved into a stone below the monument: “Shoot, I am still teaching my class!”. Aside from the monuments, at the very entrance of the park, there is a memorial museum “21 October Museum” that has a very symbolic architecture since the façade does not have windows, which represents the hopelessness of the executed people.

Don’t Miss
Apart from its historical significance Sumarice also possesses a touristic importance due to its number of contents for rest and relaxation.
  • Lake Sumarice (an artificial lake, originally made for the sole purpose of decoration, later became a place for summer refreshment)
  • Woodland resort (within an inch of the lake Sumarice there is a luxurious resort with pool, made for enjoyment)
  • Equestrian club “Amigo” (nested near memorial park, ideal for horse lovers. As a plus, there is a possibility of horseback riding in Sumarice)
How to get to Sumarice
The memorial park Sumarice can be reached by taxi or by foot since the city center is only fifteen minutes away. The taxi services are: Pink Taxi - 034 357908; Maksi-taxi - 034 454016; Sos taxi - 034 305500.

Working hours and ticket price
Working hours:
the memorial museum “21 October Museum” is opened every working day from 8am to 4pm. The memorial park does not have working hours. Ticket price for organised groups is 150 dinars and for individuals 100 dinars.

Code of conduct: During the stay, walk and picture taking in the memorial park, the appropriate behavior is expected