Manastir Drača

Drača, Kragujevac

Monastery Draca - the most important information

There is a belief the monastery Draca was originally bult on a wheat field and then was transmitted to Draca and finished there. It is placed around 10 kilometers away from Kragujevac in the valley of the Dracka river. It is a cultural monument of great importance dedicated to St. Nikolai.

History of monastery Draca
Led by the inscription at the church door it was built by Stanisa Markovic Maltisa in 1734. In the 19th century it was renewed by Toma Vucic who additionally built a bell tower at the west side of the church. Since the founding up to 1958 the monastery was reserved for men and then it was taken up by the prioress Jelena Jokic and it became a female monastery. At the backyard of the monastery Jovan Dimitrijevic Dobraca, the commander of Serbian army at the battle of Ljubic, was buried.

The exterior of the church was inspired by the Moravian architecture. At the central part there is an octangonal dome and from all sides the church is bordered with bricks of sandstone. The bottom part consists of porch with big arched ports and the upper part is designed for bells. Fresco painting of this monastery is one of the most preserved and valued in the country. The walls are painted in 1735 and frescoes are done in the first part of the 18th century by the painters from Moscopole.

Significance of the monastery Draca
The preservance of the church interior is truly rare for the for the religious landmarks of that time. The icons, frescoes and handwork from the 18th century enriched with details which require a sharp eye show the dedication and love that went into religion. Even though time has done its part and the walls are damaged it has somehow emphasized their beauty even after the centuries have passed.

How to get to monastery Draca
Given it is not located near the city center the monastery can best be reached by taxi or bus lines:
  • Bus line: 15
Additional information
Tourist organization of Kragujevac arranges tours to Draca monastery where tourists can feel the history and spirit of this holy place in a complete way.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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