Manastir Blagoveštenje Rudničko

Stragari, Kragujevac

Monastery Blagovestenje Rudnicko – the most important information

The monastery is placed near the municipality Stragari, which belongs to the city of Kragujevac. According to the official data the monastery is first mentioned in 1467 although it had been previously thought it was built in the 14th century. It is under the protection of the state as a cultural monument of great importance. 

History of the monaster
The monastery has a rich history of ups and downs which goes along the time it was built in. Even though it was torn down and robbed multiple times it has been standing upright for six centuries and it represents a firm evidence of the unbreakableness of the Serbian spirit and faith. It has been under the influence of several nations, like the Turks and Austrians, but the most important role it had was during the First Serbian Uprising, when it served as place for making gunpowder. During the rule of Milos Obrenovic it was renewed along with the bell tower, monastic quarters and the whole complex was surrounded by wall. Today, it consists of three parts: the altar, narthex and bell tower. 

Due to its tumultuous history the authors of the frescoes on its walls remained unknown. The remaining parts of iconostasis are, however, more emphasized, especially the Christ’s crucifixion and holy doors. Some parts of the frescoes are preserved from the 14th century and the restoration of the iconostasis was done in 1990.

What to see
The longevity of the monastery has hidden a long history of the unknown art within. Thus, everything it possesses fills one with awe and admiration:
  • The altar (built in the 15th century, a smaller building of broken stone gives away the feeling of some other age)
  • The bell tower (built in 1844, great dimensions, this bell tower completes the rustic image of the monastery)
  • Iconography (the frescoes tell a story from the 14th and 15th century, still not fully know today)
How to get to the monastery
The monastery is positioned around 30km away from the city, thus, the best solution for its reach is by car.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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