Knezev arsenal – the most important information

The military complex also known as Knezev arsenal represents an important military and industrial entity of Serbia which was at its peak at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. At this place the Gun foundery, the first arming factory, started its work and so the industrial era of Kragujevac began. Knezev arsenal was named after Prince Milos Obrenovic who declared Kragujevac the capital in 1818 and increased its significance in all social and political spheres.

History of Knezev arsenal
The characteristic interior of Knezev arsenal was inspired by the German and French architecture. The main material used for its building was red brick while the tile roofs and high chimneys give away somewhat of a rustic appearance. The main building is single-floored, with high windows and the alternating brick system can be seen as a decoration of a kind. The Gun foundery was transmitted from Belgrade to Kragujevac in 1848 and that decision was supported due to the traditional values of the city. In 1883 the Gun foundery becomes the Military-technical institute where the first electric bulb was given life in 1884.

Despite the fact it was proclaimed a cultural property in 1979, today Knezev arsenal paints a picture of a ruin. The city authorities engaged multiple teams for its reconstruction and given it is a historical heritage it requires quite the financial and architectural means. Still, during the last years, both music and film industry have been interested in this location and many music videos and movies were made here.

Don’t miss
This place connects history and modernism, thus, everyone can find interest in it through:
  • The museum “Old Gun Foundery” (the museum puts emphasis on the history of the factory as well as its economic importance of that time)
  • The factory of weapons “Zastava weapons” (founded in 1853 this factory offers a wide range of weapons for both military and civil program)
  • Arsenal fest (the famous music fest which gathers people of all generations, guarantees good time)
How to Knezev arsenal
Knezev arsenal can be reached by foot in a fifteen minute stroll. In addition, there are bus lines to use:
  • Bus lines: 15, 16
Working hours and ticket price
Working hours of the museum “Old Gun Foundery” is every working day from 7am to 3pm. Free entrance.
Additional information
Arsenal fest is being held at the end of June and lasts three to four days. The ticket price depends on the number of days of attendance:
  • One-day ticket: 1.500 dinars
  • Whole festival ticket: 3.000 dinars


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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