Knjaževsko-srpski teatar

Daničićeva, 3, Kragujevac

Knjazevsko-srpski teatar – the most important information

When Serbia in 1833 finally acquired autonomy and was freed from the Turkish rule so came the opportunities for the cultural and educational uplifting. Prince Milos Obrenovic enabled that happening in Kragujevac by proclaiming it the capital and placing his residence there. Knjazevsko-srpski teatar was founded by Milos in 1835 together with Joakim Vujic, a Serbian writer, after whom the Theater was originally named. 

History of the Theater
Knjazevsko-srpski teatar was placed in the adapted rooms of typography and it had a stage, loundges and pits. Joakim Vujic was the manager of the theater and his works were on the repertoire to play. The first plays were held at the time of session of the Assembly of Sretenje from February 2nd to February 4th in 1835 and the auidence was the princes’ family, state officers and deputies. The buliding where Knjazevsko-srpski teatar was placed was built in 1927. Many prominent Serbian actors walked down the planks of this theater like Miodrag Maric, Ljubomir Kovacevic, Gorica Popovic, Ljuba Tadic... . The day of the Theater is on February 15, and every year the most eminent names among writers, actors, directors, composers and set designers are awarded with the Statuette of Joakim Vujic. The creator of the statuette is Nikola Jankovic, a Serbian sculptor.

Importance of the Theater
After The Second Serbian Uprising and the Turkish retreat, Serbia was not in an enviable position in both economic or cultural sense. The then ruler, Prince Milos, had to make sure Serbia preserves its values. With the creation of the Theater and all the other historically important buildings it was showed Serbia never stopped fighting for its national identity.

How to get to Srpsko-knjazevski teatar
The Theater is close to the First Grammar School of Kragujevac and the Knez Milos Street leads up to it. The bus lines to be used are:
  • Bus lines: 15, 16, 2
Working hours and ticket price
The working hours of the Theater are from 10am to 2pm with an additional term from 6pm to 8pm when the plays are being performed. Price of tickets depends on the spots:
  • Pit: 400 dinars
  • Balcony: 200 dinars
  • Student and senior tickets: 200 dinars
  • Season tickets: from 6.000 to 10.000 dinars 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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