Lake Grosanicko - the most importanat information

Lake Grosanicko is an artificial lake built in need of Kragujevac with supply of drinkable water. It was the biggest artificial lake in Balkans in 1938, when it was built. It is registered as a sanitary protection zone, thus, swimming, fishing and similar activities are forbidden but the lake is still a nice spot for stroll and picnic.

Characteristics of Lake Grosanicko
The lake is located around ten kilometers away from Kragujevac and although rich in greenery and trees it is rarely visited. The reason is that  a vast number of people is not familiar with this place and the ones who are know its purpose, thus, it does not have a great touristic attraction. The lavish flora mirroring the lake gives it clear, emerald color. The second name of the lake is Vodojaza, meaning dam and water. The residents of the lake are carps, Prussian carps and white fish. Beside swimming and fishing, the forbidden zone is the dam itself and there are also keepers of the lake making sure it does not get polluted. Depth of the lake is forty meters and the water is cold and clear. During the warm days the shores of the lake represent a small, fresh-air oasis away from the city noise.

How to get to Lake Grosanicko
Since the location of the lake is outside the city, the quickest way to reach it is by car or bus:
  • Bus lines: 6
Code of conduct
If you decide to visit this forgotten place please beware the rules and code of conduct required:
  • Do not enter the forbidden zone
  • Do not indulge in the forbidden activities
  • Do not leave garbage behind
  • Do not pollute the lake


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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