Pozorište za decu

Trg Slobode 1, Kragujevac

Children’s Theatre – the most important information

When the first International puppet festival of small forms was held in Kragujevac in 1994 the need arose for creation of the place that would enable children to get acquainted with culture in a fun and educational way. Thus, in 2003 the Children’s Theatre of Kragujevac was founded. Next year, the theatre acquires status of the youngest theatre of that kind in Serbia. 

History of the Theatre
An interesting fact regarding this theatre is that it was built by the employees. The reason was that enough money was secured for the material but not for manpower. Dedication and hard work of the people who participated in its creation is mirrored in its success. More than 170 plays are being played annually with 40.000 spectators in total. The Theatre has also participated in the multiple domestic and international festivals winning numerous awards.  Aside from the preparation and performance of the plays the puppet festival “Zlatna Iskra” is also organized by the Theatre and it is being more recognized and visited by the international theatres each year. Even though puppet plays have been the main focus of the Theatre in 2009 the scene “Scena 303” was opened, intended for high school and college students. 

How to get to the Theatre
The Theatre is located at the city center, near the City Hall. It can be reached through the Nikola Pasic Street. The bus lines to be taken are:
  • Bus lines: 15, 16
Ticket price
The price of ticket for a single play is 150 dinars.

Additional information
The official website of the Theatre offers a full list of performing plays. There are more than 30 plays performed monthly. They are intended for children aged 3 or more. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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