Lake Bubanj - the most important information

Lake Bubanj is located 1km from the city center and though it is considered artificial, it was created naturally. It was created in the area of the former brickyard and is fed by rainwater and from a strong spring Bubanj. The lake is one of the favorite promenades and places for respite for the people of Kragujevac and other visitors.

Characteristics of the Lake Bubanj
Lake Bubanj was formed from several smaller ponds that gradually expanded into a small lake, and finally to Lake Bubanj, which is known today, was formed. Its surface is about 3 acres and the depth is 0.8 meters. The inhabitants of this beautiful lake are trout, barbel and sunflower fish, and from the land animals there are wild ducks. Kragujevac needs water surfaces to alleviate extreme weather conditions, so the lake is one of the treasures of this city. In 2020 it was said that the lake should receive reinforcements in the form of tourist facilities. The city's tourist organization plans to allocate funds for the construction of a recreational park for children and adults. Within the lake, pedestrian and trim trails and furniture have already been made. The number of visitors to the lake is high during warm days due to its proximity and the greenery it covers.

Place to rest
If you want to relax over coffee or lunch overlooking this beautiful lake, you can visit the restaurant "Dvoriste" located right next to the lake, to make your stay even more pleasant. If you decide to come by car, you will be happy to know that parking is free.

How to get to Lake Bubanj?
The lake can be reached within 10 minutes from the city centre by foot and bus lines that can be used are:
  • Bus lines: 2, 5, 15, 16, 25


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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