Stari grad Užice

Reka Đetinja, Uzice

Old town Uzice - the most important information

The remains of the old town of Uzice are located on a ridge that is surrounded on three sides by the river Djetinja and is located on its left bank, and the entrance to the town was from the north. It is a cultural monument of great importance owned by the Republic of Serbia.

History of the Old Town Uzice
It is not known exactly when this medieval fortress was built, but it is assumed that it was in the second half of the 14th century when it was first mentioned in reliable historical sources as the property of the noble family Vojinovic. It is believed that it was built in order to control the movement on the surrounding roads and the city of Uzice itself. From 1366 to 1373, the fortress was in the possession of Nikola Altomanovic, who was blinded in 1373 after a conflict between him on one side and Prince Lazar and King Tvrtko on the other. 

The fortress was Serbian until 1459, when it was conquered by the Turks. It was important during the Austro-Turkish wars, the First and Second Serbian Uprising. In 1863, the fortress was blown up and militarily disabled, so that today the remains of ramparts, towers and buildings about one meter high can be seen from it. During archeological excavations and partial reconstruction and conservation from 1973 to 1984, further collapse of the city was stopped.

What to see in the Old Town Uzice 
  • Apart from the remains of the former fortress, which can help create an image of what it once looked like, during the summer, it is possible to see plays in an improvised theater here. 
  • It is also an exceptional place to organize excursions.
How to get to the Old Town Uzice 
There are no buses to the Old Town, so the fortress can be reached either by your own transport or by taxi: Bravo Taxi: +381 31 554 422, +381 555 666. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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