Crkva Svetog Đorđa Užice

Trg Svetog Save 8, Uzice

Church of Saint Djordje Uzice - the most important information

The Church of St. Djordje is a cultural monument of great importance and is located in the center of Uzice. It is the second church built in Uzice.

History of the Church of Saint Djordje
The citizens of Uzice, and above all the rich merchants of Uzice, wanted to build another church apart from the church of St. Marko, which until then was the only one next to 44 Muslim mosques. The construction of the church began in 1842 with a loan from knez Mihailo Obrenovic, and was completed and consecrated in 1844. Then it was painted, and in 1900 a memorial fountain was built in front of the church. The church suffered damage in April 1941, when it was hit by a cannon shell during the German attack on Uzice. However, it was most damaged in a fire in 1955, when 12 icons were burned and about 57 frescoes were severely damaged.

Characteristics of the Church of Saint Djordje
It is a late baroque building that belongs to the architecture of romanticism with a single-nave base. Two church bells have been preserved, while the third was taken away by the Austrians in the First World War. On the church tower is a clock that was the first public clock in the area set in 1859. In the church you can also see wall paintings of Serbian saints.

How to get to the church of St. Djordje?
The church is located on St. Sava Square, near the Gymnasium. You can reach it:
  • By bus lines: 3, 4, 7, stop Rakijski pijac 1 or
  • By taxi - we recommend Bravo Taxi 031/554422 and Leptir Taxi 031/500500.
Additional information
The contact telephone number of the church is 031/517282. When entering the church, it is necessary to take care of clothes: do not wear short bermuda shorts and skirts, shorts and T-shirts with straps. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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