Narodno pozorište Užice

Trg Partizana 12, Uzice

National Theater of Uzice - the most important information
The National Theater in Uzice is the only professional theater in the territory of southwestern Serbia, and its founder is the Municipal Assembly of Uzice. It hosts the Yugoslav Theater Festival "Without Translation", which is one of the most prestigious festivals in Serbia, along with Belgrade's BITEF and Novi Sad's Sterija's Pozorje. The theater has won many awards and recognitions.

History of the National Theater of Uzice
Before the National Theater began its work, the Theater Society was founded in 1856, which was housed in the Kaljevic House, which was a distinguished president of the District Court and a merchant, and the first play was performed on February 15, 1862.
The Regional National Theater was founded in 1945, and the first premiere was less than a month after its founding. The theater was first located in Sokolski dom, and then moved to Filkin's cinema in the main city street in 1948. In 1967, the theater received a new building on the reconstructed Partisan Square, which is the main city square.

Repertoire of the National Theater of Uzice
In addition to the premieres of various plays, from both domestic and foreign writers, the Theater also organizes theater and music festivals, music concerts and concerts of ensembles, on the big or small stage. The big stage has 500-600 seats, and the small one has 60. If you decide to watch a play, you can see the monthly repertoire on the Theater's website:
Theater of Uzice - Repertoire.

How to get to the National Theater of Uzice
The theater is located near Partizan Square, near the library. You can reach it:
  • By bus lines: 1K, 2, 2A, 5 and 7, Ribar stop
  • By taxi - we recommend Bravo Taxi 031/554422 and Butterfly Taxi 031/500500.
Opening hours and ticket prices
The whole repertoire is mostly held in the evening. You can find out the exact schedule of performances on the Theater's website. Also, ticket prices vary from show to show, and you can reserve them at 031/522102. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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