Spomen kompleks Kadinjača

Kadinjača, Uzice

Kadinjaca Memorial Complex - the most important information

The Kadinjaca Memorial Complex is located 14 km from Uzice and is dedicated to the fighters of the Workers' Battalion, of Posavina and Orasje who died there on November 29, 1941, enabling the NOPOJ (People's Liberation Partisan Detachments) Supreme Headquarters, partisan detachments and the partisan hospital to escape from the Germans who wanted to conquer Uzice and capture Tito.

History of the Kadinjaca Memorial Complex
Originally, on November 29, 1952, a monument-pyramid was unveiled, erected in honor of the fallen defenders of Kadinjaca. Then, from 1977 to 1979, a monumental complex was built, which was ceremoniously opened on September 23, 1979, and in the same year it was declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance. In 1984, the permanent museum exhibition "Workers' Battalion and the Battle on Kadinjaca" was opened, and a park with 88 trees was built in honor of Josip Broz Tito.

Appearance of the Kadinjaca Memorial Complex
Within the Complex there are three units:
  • Amphitheater of the Republic of Uzice
  • Alley of the Workers' Battalion
  • The plateau of freedom.
The original monument is 11 meters high and has a five-pointed star at the top, as well as carved verses from Slavko Vukosavljevic's poem "Kadinjaca". Within the Complex there is a Memorial House with a plateau for visitors, a fountain and a parking space.
In the Memorial House itself, in addition to the restaurant, souvenir shop and auxiliary rooms, there are also:
  • Workshops
  • Permanent exhibition about the Workers' Battalion and the fight on Kadinjaca
  • Thematic exhibition "Uzice region in NATO aggression on FR Yugoslavia".
How to get to the Kadinjaca Memorial Complex?
You can reach Kadinjaca by your own transport, by bus from the bus station in Uzice or by taxi. You can find out about the timetable via the contact phone of the bus station 031/602620, and we also recommend the taxi carriers Bravo Taxi 031/554422 and Leptir Taxi 031/500500.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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