Djetinja - the most important information

Djetinja is a river that originates near the village of Kremna on the slopes of the Tara of two rivers and two streams, and together with the river Moravica it forms the West Morava. Djetinja flows through Uzice and has a total flow of 75 km. The name most probably originated from the name Cetina, which means Horse River.

Properties of Djetinja
Rapids, beeches and whirlpools alternate on Djetinja, and it is best known for the Djetinja Gorge, which is a natural asset of great importance. There are also two caves on Djetinja: the Megara cave, which is located in the gorge, and the Potpecka cave, which is located downstream from Uzice. There are also three artificial lakes in Djetinja, and the largest is Lake Vrutci, which serves as a reservoir of drinking water for the needs of Uzice and its surroundings. On its shores is the monastery Rujno, and below the Old Town in Uzice is the Beach on Djetinja, which is an exceptional place to relax.

Djetinja gorge
The gorge of Djetinja is 8 km long and 300 meters deep. In the area of ​​the gorge there is a well-preserved settlement from the Neolithic period "Gradina", as well as a medieval town and necropolis on the site "Mala gradina". Megara Cave is located in a gorge, as well as several sources of hot water. The gorge is rich in wildlife, and also contains some rare and endemic plant species. It contains 110 of the 192 species of butterflies that have been recorded in Serbia.

Activities in Djetinja
It is best to visit Djetinja with your car, because then you can visit all its hidden pearls. You can enjoy the landscape by walking through the gorge, and for those with an adventurous spirit, we suggest kayaking through it. Kayak can be rented at the tourist info house located on the trail. If you are a beginner, don't worry, the employees will be very happy to help you. The water trail is about one kilometer long and starts from the pontoon-dock upstream to Suncani vir. You can also ride a zip line, hike and bike.

Opening hours and price of kayaking
The kayak can be rented during the summer months from 10 am to 8 pm. The price of renting a two-seater is 800 dinars per hour. The association "Klisura izazov Djetinja" is in charge of renting, and their contact phone is 064/5877625.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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