Maglic Fortress - the most important information

Maglic Fortress is one of the most fascinating historical buildings in Serbia. It is located in the Ibar gorge, twenty kilometers from Kraljevo. It is located at an altitude of one hundred and fifty meters, and according to legend, the fortress got its name because of the thick fog that often descended on the landscape.

History of the fortress Maglic
The fortress consists of eight towers that are connected by ramparts and two entrances that visitors can enter. The origin of the fortress is not known with certainty, but it is assumed that it was built by Uros I after many attacks, in order to prevent the penetration into the Ibar gorge. After the First World War, Maglic was rebuilt thanks to the contributions of the people from the area, as evidenced by the plaque on the fortress placed as a sign of gratitude. Today, the walls are quite well preserved, and although the entire site is in ruins the fortress has been declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance.

Appearance of the fortress Maglic
The ramparts are about three hundred meters long and offer a stunning view of the entire gorge. The tower is bordered on all sides by wooden fences, but it should be approached with caution because they are not fortified in all places. The Ibar highway at the foot of the fortress has been widened where a larger parking lot has been built with catering facilities and a fountain. Below the fortress flows the river Ibar, over which stretches an old, wooden bridge forbidden to visitors.

Do not miss
If you decide to visit this fascinating historical heritage and you would like to experience what the surroundings have to offer, be sure not to miss the following facilities:
  • Veseli spust - rafting attraction in which over three thousand boats participate, which leads from Maglic to Kraljevo
  • Vrnjacka Carnival - organized every year in early July and attracts a huge number of visitors
  • Goc Mountain - for lovers of winter and winter magic mountains that offer great fun but also a quality vacation
How to get to fortress Maglic?
The fortress is located twenty kilometers from Kraljevo by the Ibar highway, which requires about half an hour's drive. By car you can reach the foothills from where you can walk another ten minutes to the entrance to the fortress.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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