Adžića kuća

, Kraljevo

Adzic house - the most important information 

The house of Mihailo Hadzi Aleksic, the so-called Adzica kuca, was built in Kraljevo at the beginning of the 20th century. Its construction was not led by Hadzi Aleksic himself. Namely, its builder is Jevrem Novakovic, who was a well-known landowner and trader in Kraljevo. After the completion, he sold it to Hadzi Aleksic in 1922, who was then the president of the municipality of Kraljevo. It is the oldest residential building in the city. Today, this house is used for the publishing activities of the National Library "Stefan Prvovencani".

History of Adzic house

In terms of construction style, this house is a great example of folklore architecture of the first half of the 19th century. It is on the ground floor and has a wooden porch that was built to be a decorative element. The house also has a basement with the entrance below the porch. Unbaked bricks and mud were used for the bondruk construction. The walls of the building were plastered with mud plaster, after which they were painted white. The interior is divided into 3 rooms and a hallway with floors that are covered with wooden planks. The roof, which has deep eaves, is protected by tiles and the ceiling is built of shingles. The windows are double and surrounded by decorative elements.

It was necessary to restore the house. The plan for that project was made by the architect Marija Domazet and the restoration was done in 1976. The foundation and the floor were repaired, the chimney, the porch and the staircase leading to the basement were reconstructed, the roof constructions and carpentry were replaced.

How to get to Adzic house?
The house is located in Cara Dusana Street no. 39, which is in the immediate vicinity of the municipal assembly building. This location is in the narrow center of the city which makes it easy to find. 
  • On foot: from the Monument to Serbian Soldier at the city center it is a 3-minute walk through Trg Jovana Sarica, across Cara Lazara Street
  • Taxi stations:  Bond taxi - 036 317911; As taxi 036 323323; Tref Taxi KV 036 323232; Mega Taxi KV 036 303303
Additional information
  • To enter the house one of two entrances can be used; The main of the two is on the street side across the porch, while the other entrance is used from the courtyard. 


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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