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Memorial Park 14th of October - the most important information 

Memorial park is located in the northern part of Kraljevo in a landscaped area near the stadium of FC Sloga. It spreads over an area of 12 hectares and stands as a memory of the cruel shootings of the people of Kraljevo in the Second World War. Its renovation was completed in 1970. Throughout history, the amphitheater-like space has been used for various important gatherings and commemorations; Josip Broz Tito visited it. Today, investments are being made in its renovation and it is an unavoidable locality to visit in  Kraljevo.

History of the Memorial Park 14th of October
The liberated Republic of Uzice initiated an offensive policy of the German army, which came to these areas with the goal of killing a hundred people for one killed German. In October, the army entered Kraljevo, where it kept the workers of the wagon factory as hostages. The 717th Reserve Infantry Division under the command of Major Otto Desha began with the revenge shootings on October 15 and continued for the next 5 days. At that time, 3,000 inhabitants of Kraljevo were killed, of whom 102 were under 18 years of age.

The initiative to mark the places of shootings with great respect was launched in the 1960s. The conceptual solution for the appearance of the park was made by architects Dragutin Kovacevic and Spasoje Krunic.

A monumental complex was built on the site of the mass graves, which consists of columns of stone sculptures that look like felled trees. The remains of fallen members of the Kraljevo partisan detachment, the fallen fighters of the battle from 1941 and the remains of Kraljevo veterans who died a year after the liberation are in three other grave areas. The amphitheater located in the northern part of the memorial park is intended for holding events

Significance of the Memorial Park 14th of October
  • The monument is dedicated to the executed citizens of Kraljevo and stands as a reminder of the crimes that must never be repeated.
  • At the entrance to the park, a green wagon was set up, which immortalized the journey to freedom of all people from the Balkans who were fleeing the suffering of war.
  • The appearance of the monument complex,  felled trees, symbolizes the early cessation of life of those killed in Kraljevo in October 1941.
How to get to the Memorial Park 14th of October?
From the central Kraljevo Square, where the Monument to the Serbian soldier is located, it is possible to follow several routes by car, or walking which take about 20 minutes. Taxi services from the city of Kraljevo are also always available.
  • By car: from the central square across Cara Lazara Street, follow Jovan Saric Square to the turnoff to Jug Bogdanova Street. Follow this street to the right turn towards Zelena Gora, after which it is necessary to pass by the Old Cemetery and turn right towards the memorial park
  • On foot: the same route can be followed for a walk to the memorial park or Zelena Gora can be reached through the streets of Cara Lazar and Dragoslav Bogovac, from where the path is the same again
  • Taxi stations: Bond taxi - 036 317911; As taxi 036 323323; Tref Taxi KV 036 323232; Mega Taxi KV 036 303303


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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