Lepterija - the most important information

Lepterija is one of the most popular picnic areas in Sokobanja. The name is of Greek origin, which means freedom. The picnic area is located in the gorge of the river Moravica, which is characterized by picturesque landscapes and a wealth of forests. Lepterija is a natural good protected by the state.

Characteristics of Lepterija

Bright greenery and abundance of flora and fauna contributed to this place becoming one of the main tourist attractions of Sokobanja. One of the largest waterfalls in Serbia, Ripaljka, is located right here. It is a popular place for fishermen and during the summer it attracts a large number of bathers. It is an ideal resting place for visitors of all ages. The paths leading to Lepterija are adapted both for tourists who would like to enjoy an easy walk and for those with an adventurous spirit. Asphalt trails are also available for those who are a little braver, a trail that leads right next to the Moravica canyon. From this trail, it is possible to see the rapids, whirlpools and rocks of this unruly river. Within the resort there is a complex of apartments and restaurants and there are playgrounds for the youngest. Specially arranged picnic areas with wooden benches, tables and campfires are ideal for family gatherings. For all these reasons, the picnic area is most visited during the May Day morning.

What to see
In addition to all the natural resources, Lepterija is in possession of content with unusual stories and cultural values ​​that will surely enrich your stay in this place:
  • Rock with the image of Virgin Mary (at the entrance to the picnic area on the right is this unusual rock with the contours of the image of the Virgin Mary)
  • Church of St. Marija (built on the basis of a demolished church from the fourteenth century, the church attracts a lot of tourists)
  • Restaurant Marco Polo - Cave (the charm of this restaurant is that it is tucked into the hollow of the rock that forms a natural canopy for a complete experience in nature)
How to get to Lepterija?
Lepterija is located a kilometer from Sokobanja. The destination can be reached:
  • By car: by asphalt road over Ozren where you come across a sign indicating the turn for Lepterija
  • On foot: over the Banjica park and the bridge on Moravica


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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