Hram Svetog arhangela Mihaila

Koste Abraševića, Jagodina

Temple of the Holy Archangel Mihailo - the most important information

The Church of the Holy Archangel Mihailo or the Old Church, as it is popularly known, is the oldest church in the city of Jagodina. It is an immovable cultural good because it is a cultural monument.

History of the temple of the Holy Archangel Mihailo
The church was built between 1818 and 1824, and was built by knez Milos Obrenovic when Jagodina was still under Turkish rule. That is why the church was placed on the outskirts of the then city. At that time, there was a mosque in Jagodina, but not a church. The service in the church began as early as July 1819, although it had not yet been completed, and it did not have a bell tower because the use of bells was not allowed at that time. Today's bell tower was built in 1871.

Appearance of the temple of the Holy Archangel Mihailo
The church is built in the shape of a cross, is 10 meters high and has three doors. At the main entrance to the church, in front of the door, there is a large white marble slab. Three rosettes in shallow relief are engraved on it. It was put up after the demolition of the Jagodina mosque in 1926, from where it was taken. Above the front door was a red marble slab that was placed on the table of honor today. It contains information about the church and its builders, as well as the exact year of knez Milos's birth, and that is why it has an exceptional historical value.

How to get to the temple of the Holy Archangel Mihailo?
The Church of the Holy Archangel Mihailo is located near the General Hospital and the Faculty of Pedagogy in Jagodina. You can reach it by public transport or taxi. We recommend the taxi service Maxi Taxi 035/242111 and Akt Taxi 0800/035035.

Additional information
As in any religious building, you must take care of how you are dressed. Do not wear short bermuda shorts and skirts, shorts and T-shirts with straps.