Jagodina Zoo - the most important information

The Jagodina Zoo is located 1km from the city center and was opened by Vuk Bojovic, former director of the Belgrade Zoo, in 2007. The zoo has about 250 animal species and over 320 individuals.

Animals in the Jagodina Zoo
The animals that can be seen in the Jagodina Zoo are:
  • Fish - like goldfish that delight with their appearance, black piranhas, Oscars and cichlids;
  • Reptiles - like the impressive snakes of the Burmese python and the royal boa constrictor, and the green iguana, which is often a pet;
  • Monkeys - like the baboons that inhabit Africa, the chimpanzees that are human-like and the little white-nosed monkey;
  • Equidae and ungulates - such as giraffes, zebra grants, bison, ponies, which are especially popular among children, and llamas, with which you must be careful not to be spit on;
  • Beasts - like the Bengal tiger that can jump nine meters into the distance, the European brown bear that spends the winter in its sleep, the African lion whose roar can be heard at a distance of 8 km and the European gray wolf which is a symbol of fearlessness in our country;
  • Birds - like the emu, which is the second largest modern bird, the peacock, which delights with its tail, and the ostrich, which is the largest bird in the world;
  • Aquatic animals - like a seal that has its own international day.
Some of the famous inhabitants of the Zoo in Jagodina are the Bengal tigers Saj and Natasa, the giraffe Jovanca, the camel Jovan and the chimpanzees Zika and Megi.

Accompanying offer of the Jagodina Zoo
Within the Zoo, you can buy souvenirs in the souvenir shop, have a drink in the cafe, eat in the fast food restaurant "Tigar" and enjoy the benches in the shade of the garden and the smell of flowers in it.

Opening hours and ticket prices
  • The zoo is open all year round from 9 am to 9 pm, even on holidays, only during the winter months it is open from 9 am to 8 pm. 
  • Admission is free for children up to 5 years, and the ticket price for children up to 12 years is 150 dinars, and for adults is 300 dinars.
How to get to Jagodina Zoo?
You can reach the Zoo by your own transport, public transport and taxi, we recommend Maxi Taxi 035/242111 and Akt Taxi 0800/035035.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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