Narodno pozorište Jagodina

Kneginje Milice 26, Jagodina

National Theater Jagodina - the most important information

The National or City Theater in Jagodina is a professional theater that is an important part of the cultural life of Jagodina.

History of the National Theater of Jagodina
Theatrical art in Jagodina dates back to the 19th century, when the Jagodina Amateur Society was founded in 1859, and then many theater groups were founded that were short-lived, but, while they existed, were very active traveling theater companies.

The first professional theater in Jagodina was founded at the end of 1944, but it was also short-lived. Then, on September 13, 1947, the City Amateur Theater was founded by merging the Youth, Trade Union and Disabled Theater, which in 1953 became a professional City National Theater. After returning to the amateur and the period when it did not work at all, the theater has been working continuously since 1975.

Repertoire of the National Theater of Jagodina
The plays have been performed every Thursday at the National Theater in Jagodina since 2007. Today, they are performed in the Hall of the Cultural Center in Jagodina, starting at 8 pm, while children's performances are performed on Saturdays at 10 am. You can see the repertoire on the theater's website:
Ticket prices
  • The price of a monthly ticket in the theater is 500 dinars, while the price of an individual ticket is 300 dinars.
  • The ticket price for children's shows is 100 dinars.
  • You can buy tickets at the box office before the show, or you can book tickets at 064/5467299.
How to get to the National Theater of Jagodina?
The plays are performed at the Cultural Center "Svetozar Markovic" in Jagodina, and it is located near the Regional Museum. You can reach it by public transport or taxi. We recommend the taxi service Maxi Taxi 035/242111 and Akt Taxi 0800/035035.