Gradac - basic information

Gradac - also known as the cleanest river in Serbia, is located 5 kilometers from Valjevo. This is the richest tributary of Kolubara in water, and the symbol of Valjevo is an unavoidable place for everyone who visits this city. Due to the small distance from the city center, it is easily accessible and suitable for swimming.

Characteristics of the river Gradac

Gradac is a submerged river, which means that in one part of its course it sinks into the ground, and then springs up to the surface again. It springs at the foot of the Povlen mountain, so with its winding course it flows through the gorge all the way to Kolubara, into which it flows. The river canyon is 22.7 kilometers long and is a unique example of the natural beauty that Serbia has to offer. Due to its clarity and purity, the river is home to many species of fish, of which trout is perhaps the most widespread, so it is possible to fish on it. Also, in the canyon of the river Gradac, there is a large number of explored, but also those lesser-known caves and pits. There are about 70 caves that have been discovered and explored so far, which is a great rarity if we compare the size of the canyon itself. Due to its favorable natural characteristics, it is believed that the river bank and the canyon were inhabited by people from the Paleolithic era, but also from the ancient period.

What to do in Gradac
The canyon of the river is passable along its entire length, so it is very easy to step through the water and pass through it. If you go on a tour of the river, it would be best to start from the monastery of Celija, which is located 6 kilometers away from Valjevo. From the monastery you can follow the course of the river, swim in it, swim, camp, and the water itself is, of course, clean and suitable for drinking. Near the monastery, the upstream course of the river leads to the Ethno house and restaurant, and then to the spacious river beach suitable for swimming and relaxation. Downstream, the river reaches greater depths, so it is suitable for swimming. Nearby is the Degurić Cave, one of many, which you can enter, at least in part, because it is not completely passable. The possibilities are great, this river is really suitable for a longer stay in nature, such as camping. In addition, there are a large number of cultural assets that you can visit in the area, until you go down to Valjevo and continue your tourist tour by visiting the restaurant of the local crane and traditional cafes.

Flora and fauna of Gradac

The entire area through which the river Gradac flows is rich in natural resources. From caves and pits, to meadows and forests, you will meet the untouched nature of this area. In addition to medicinal, meadow plants, it can happen that you come across very rare orchid flowers in the river canyon. Gradac is also home to a large number of mushrooms and mushrooms, about 240 different species. As for the animal world, it is also very rich, so many species of birds, reptiles, game and fish have found their home here. From hair, quail, woodpeckers, rabbits, deer, otters, all the way to trout, barbel and chub, the animals of Gradac are really numerous.

What to visit near Gradac?

In addition to the fact that Valjevo is very close to the river canyon, so you can visit it very easily, there are many other natural and cultural sites that you can visit. Among them are:
  • Celije Monastery
  • Lelic Monastery
  • Jerina's town
  • Sava's mill
  • Deguric cave
How to get to Gradac?
Gradac is located 5 kilometers from Valjevo, and about 100 kilometers from Belgrade.
  • You can walk from the center of Valjevo in an hour of easy walking, following the course of the river all the way to the forest.
  • Taxi - taxi services in Valjevo are among the cheapest in Serbia, so you can take a taxi to the canyon for about 300 dinars. City Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 291-129, Pink Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 292-929, City Taxi Valjevo: 014 / 354-2222, Kula Taxi: 014 / 290-29
  • You can get to Valjevo by bus from Belgrade, and then continue your journey to the river by taxi or on foot. The first departure from the Belgrade station is at 5 am, while the last departure is at 10:15 pm. The ticket price for the route Belgrade - Valjevo is 790 dinars.
  • You can reach Valjevo by car from the main road from the direction of Sabac. The journey from Belgrade to Valjevo takes about an hour and 20 minutes. Turn off before entering Novo Naselje, turn onto the road to Petnica, and you will reach the canyon through Deguric.
Additional information
If you are planning a visit to the monasteries, bring appropriate clothes. You cannot enter the monastery in short clothes, bare sleeves and slippers. If you decide to go through the canyon and the river, bring slippers in which you will be able to go through the water, as well as appropriate clothes for staying in nature. Always keep in mind that you are in nature, so dispose of garbage only in the places provided for that, or, if there is no designated place for garbage disposal near you, keep it with you and then throw it away when you have the opportunity.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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