Mountain Stolovi - the most important information

The tables are located between the Ibar, Ribnica and Brezanska rivers, southwest of Kraljevo. From this mountain, the tributaries of the mentioned rivers diverge in all directions, which give it an unusual star shape. The tables descend in a star-shaped manner from the peaks towards the neighboring smaller mountains: Ozren, Vitosh, Ostra glava and Strmenica. The highest peak of this mountain is Kamarište, whose altitude is 1375 meters. At the foot of the northern slopes of Stolovo is the monastery of Žiča, which was built in the 13th century. The name of this mountain is connected with the mentioned monastery, where the first Serbian archbishop Saint Sava "dined". The western slopes of the mountain Stolovi form the eastern part of the Ibar gorge, and the popular fortress Maglič is located on them.

What will you see on the Stolovi?
The Stolovi mountain is mostly covered with dense forest and bushes, especially on the northern side. The southern sides are either bare or under pastures, especially in the village of Brezna. Find out below what this mountain hides and how you can have fun on it.
  • Maglic Fortress - one of the best preserved medieval fortifications in Serbia. Its construction ran in parallel with the renovation of the Žiča monastery in the last years of the 13th century. However, some scholars connect the construction of this fortress with Irina Kantakuzin, the wife of the despot Đurđe Branković, which is why Maglič is still popularly called Jerina's town.
  • Manifestation "Narcissus on a campaign" - is held every year in May. A large number of mountaineers and nature lovers from all over Serbia and the surrounding countries gather at this event. It is one of the oldest manifestations in Serbia, created in 1956.
  • Crazy horses from Stolovi - Crazy horses are a trademark of this mountain. The horses on the Tables used to be domestic animals, let out to graze during the summer. The most famous herd is led by the legendary stallion Mora, which has increased to about fifty horses in recent decades.
  • Paragliding - another trademark of this mountain. It is a recreational-competitive sport in which you fly with the help of a paraglider, by taking off by running down the slope. The peaks Kamarište and Čiker, as well as Ozren and Gliševske livade are used as airfields. The most visited start on this mountain is Gliševske livade, where you will relax in the summer above Meljanica and Kamenica in a magical view of forests and pastures with horses. In good flying conditions, the duration of the flight is possible for several hours.
How to get to Stolovi?
  • If your starting point is Belgrade, you can reach this mountain by car in 3 hours and 10 minutes (by highway A2).
  • You can also reach Kraljevo by bus. More than 5 departures depart from Belgrade for this city every day, and the price of a return ticket is 1050 dinars.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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