Povlen Mountain - the most important information

Welcome to western Serbia, rich in mountains and idyllic landscapes, which will bring a smile back to your face. In this text, we have singled out Mount Povlen for you. It is only 30 kilometers away from Valjevo. It consists of several peaks, the most important of which are: Mali Povlen (1347 meters), Srednji Povlen (1301 meters) and Veliki Povlen (1271 meters). The Povlen mountain belongs to the Valjevo mountain range, which is an extension of the old Vlach hill. If the road ever takes you to these parts, be sure to stop at the mountain Povlen and enjoy its magic!

Characteristics of the mountain Povlen
The highest point of the mountain range near Valjevo is the peak Mali Povlen, which reaches a height of 1347 meters. Other peaks are approximately the same height, while dense forests and deep river canyons reluctantly pass narrow and winding roads, so the road to Povlen is more difficult to pass. But believe us, it's worth crossing! When you reach the highest peak, you will enjoy an incredible view of the natural beauties of our country, which we often ignore.

How to get to Povlen?
  • If you start by car from Belgrade, you can reach this mountain in just an hour and a half (via A2).
  • About 20 buses depart from Belgrade to Valjevo every day, organized by Lasta and the Valjevo carrier Europa bus. The first departure from the station Belgrade is at 5 o'clock in the morning, while the last departure is at 22:15. The ticket price for the route Belgrade - Valjevo is 790 dinars.
  • From the center of Valjevo you can reach the mountain in just 5 minutes (via Dušanova Street). The following taxi carriers will be at your disposal: City Taxi Valjevo (014 / 291-129) Pink Taxi Valjevo (014 / 292-929) or City Taxi Valjevo (014 / 354-2222).
Additional information
Of particular interest is a rare species of vulture eagle - griffon vulture, which settled near the canyon of Trešnjica, near Povlen. For him, this place is the only asylum in this area, along the canyon of the river Uvac.


Type of Attractions
  • Brige
  • Museum


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